Monday, 8 March 2010

Despite the best efforts of certain annoying people you may be pleased to know that I have not killed myself. My only wish is that if anyone who was reading my blog and in a similar situation did not allow a certain persons comments affect their life to any great degree. I would hate to be Pete knowing that he may have driven some poor soul to suicide due to his obvious dislike for me.

Anyway moving on, in spite of my apparent genetic failings, my new job finds me in a world of equipment that equates to a computer for a caveman(just getting my head around it now). It, unfortunately, removes me from my former role of street policing (on my own for the most) one of the gun crime capitals of the UK.

I increasingly find myself removed from day to day policing which I thought I would never do. I find myself in an insular world where we can provide so much help to officers on the ground but not actually get involved.

In light of this I now find myself in a position of not being able to provide any material worthy of blogging about. I could tell you about suspect searches and vehicle pursuits but the actual feelings and emotions of being on the ground just aren't there anymore.

I will still be around and available on e-mail but unless something dramatic happens I won't be posting anymore.

Thank you for your comments, it makes me realise just how rewarding an open forum can be. I will continue to read other blogs and comment when I feel it necessary.

Incase anyone feels a certain sense of glee and achievement over this I would like them to remember that if a government witch hunt last year couldn't put me off there is no way that someone with the DNA of a dried up mouse poo ever could. I simply feel that the police who are still there 24/7, on the streets, have better material than me.