Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Just to re-assure those who worry.

No picture, no grand speak or anything. If someone breaks into your house you can if necessary, do this no matter what human rights say. Here is another example if you don't believe me. The object that often causes problems is what is reasonable. These both were, and the outcome was positive.

All I can say is a good piece of "bobbying" from the officers who first attended. Well done and long may it continue!

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Still here.

Sorry for the lack of posting,

had other things to do and been a bit busy. Through the second round and got to learn how to do "jobspeak" now.

There will be more, I was mad in 2004 and diagnosed as so, can always go the same way again if I'm "outed".

Will post more when I can. Nothing to do with being afraid of posting by the way, it's a time factor thing.


Tuesday, 16 June 2009

For F$%c&s sake.

How much pain can someone c?ked of his tits take? About this much.

I am due Taser training in a couple of weeks if and if it goes wrong the subject will get Tasered, kicked, punched or whatever else is necessary to lock them up! I'm not hard, solid or anything and incidentally no, I didn't get bullied at school. If the Police tell you to stop doing something.......stop, we are a bigger gang than you and can carry toys which you can't, legitimately. I have used all options open to me over the years including breaking peoples bones and more than one KO. I'm not proud of that but I am proud to wear the uniform. I will continue to operate the same way if I stay on the streets and will make no apologies for that.

You may be reading about me on Sky news one day if it all ends up with the IPCC.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Like a pig in ..........


sorry for being more than absent for a good while. Some may say good riddance and they would probably be right. I have actually had a rather splendid couple of weeks. Following the nightmare application scenario bizarrely enough I actually passed the first stage. (No-one more surprised than me)! Thank you BG for your positive e-mails, not just you but SC ,BE ,VN and Mr HD , this is just to name a few. You really have been supportive and positive even when I haven't been. Thank you.

Anyway you all know or have guessed what I am looking to progress/regress to and who knows what will happen? The next 5 stages depend on me, not just random persons deciding.

The last 2 weeks I have not been on response I have been attached to a unit that does nothing but enforce vehicle crime. I have for the first time had live access to ANPR and dealt with nothing except Road Traffic Act offenders and vehicle crime matters. I haven't worked a night shift, I haven't generated any crime reports but what I have done is take 20 or so cars off the road from uninsured/unlicensed drivers. Yes, I have also dealt with more than a few motorists who have been on their mobile despite there being a big f-off marked up Vectra alongside/behind/at the junction whilst they were doing it. If they dropped the phone they got a warning if they carried on......well it says a lot about how much attention you can pay to the road and chat on your mobile doesn't it. It does cause a lack of concentration.

Other than that not really got a lot to tell you other than my stress levels and blood pressure are at the lowest point that I can remember them being for the last 9 years. Ahhhh, that is until I remembered that response calls again on Thursday, YIPPEE........no really........really,..... honest, sort of.........no it's all bollocks, here we go again!

Please let me pass. Had a taste of the other side and don't want to go back!