Thursday, 25 June 2009

Still here.

Sorry for the lack of posting,

had other things to do and been a bit busy. Through the second round and got to learn how to do "jobspeak" now.

There will be more, I was mad in 2004 and diagnosed as so, can always go the same way again if I'm "outed".

Will post more when I can. Nothing to do with being afraid of posting by the way, it's a time factor thing.



Anonymous said...

Glad you are still here C.C.

"Mad" as in bi-polar - depression?
Sometimes I think life can throw things at us, that is really hard to handle. Events can knock us off balance and cause a great deal of emotional distress. But is that really "madness"? Time is always the best healer, and love. You have mine in abundance and always will have.

I hope that nobody even considers outing you. They would have to be a really nasty, spiteful sort of person to do that to you. I know that sort do exist in this world, having been a victim of them many times, but I sincerely hope that you never are "outed". Try to CHILL, and then CHILL some more C.C


BenefitScroungingScum said...

2nd round, woot, woot! Well done you. As for madness, I consider it a good way to judge ppl...have you ever been a bit on the mad side? Yes, bound to be a decent sort then ;)
BG x

Blue Eyes said...

I wasn't worried, honest. :-)

Anonymous said...

David Blunkett said in the press a while ago..... "I was suffering from 'madness' in 2004", as a reason for making a big mistake, or more to the point a number of mistakes, one of which was a HUGE cover up about a vicious and dangerous paedophile ring who had been brought down. [Not that I am accusing you of a cover up, or anything, Constableconfused]

Brown has not admitted to any sort of mental incapacity, to justify his cover ups, so it must have been pre-meditated long term plotting, no doubt. More of a fact actually, due to an abuse of power and an abuse of sensitive information in Intelligence records. Quite how he is getting away with this is a bit of a mystery, and rather outrageous.

Brown is still 'there', in office, and has been reported in the press as having plans to make all Labour General Election candidates sign a pledge to tell the truth!

Perhaps he could practice what he is now preaching, and end the Home Office cover up about Operation Satan. Plus all the proven to be accurate Intel he has chosen to ignore, to the detriment of the well being of the people of this country. Perhaps Brown just does not care that he is driving good people, and good cops, CRAZY. But we are 'still here' trying to protect the best interests of the public, and protect lives.

Minority Report Officer

Inspector Leviathan Hobbes said...

Congratulations on getting through. The stripes are as good as yours. I take it the lady-boy example worked a treat then? I told you it would.

Constable said...


bizarre though it may seem, promotion is not my game. The lady boy is saved for the interview. Great idea!


Dark Side said...

Good to hear you aren't going anywhere just yet CC.

Any news on the job app?

Hope both you and Mes CC are both well..xx

Hogday said...

Unlike the late and much missed Spike Milligan, neither of us appear to have a certificate that confirms our sanity - QED?

Hogday said...

PS. As for the stripes, pips, or whatever, you'll not change `the system` just the daily lives of those you will become responsible for. General Bill Slim was my model and I offer you this little bit of him, recalling a critical point in his retreat in Burma when he came across a unit in a jungle clearing who were in a bad way. "I took one look at them and thought, `My God, they're worse than I supposed` Then I saw why. I walked around the corner of that clearing and saw officers making themselves a bivouac. They were just as exhausted as their men, but that isn't my point. Officers are there to lead. I tell you,therefore, as officers, that you will neither eat, nor drink, nor sleep, nor smoke, nor ever sit down until you have personally seen that your men have done those things. If you will do this for them, they will follow you to the end of the world. And if you do not, I will break you."