Tuesday, 16 June 2009

For F$%c&s sake.

How much pain can someone c?ked of his tits take? About this much.

I am due Taser training in a couple of weeks if and if it goes wrong the subject will get Tasered, kicked, punched or whatever else is necessary to lock them up! I'm not hard, solid or anything and incidentally no, I didn't get bullied at school. If the Police tell you to stop doing something.......stop, we are a bigger gang than you and can carry toys which you can't, legitimately. I have used all options open to me over the years including breaking peoples bones and more than one KO. I'm not proud of that but I am proud to wear the uniform. I will continue to operate the same way if I stay on the streets and will make no apologies for that.

You may be reading about me on Sky news one day if it all ends up with the IPCC.


Dr Melvin T Gray said...

A boast that 'we are a bigger gang...' is worrying. Look at the video again CC and note the intensity of hostile body language in the background. It speaks volumes of some critical incident in the making.

Anonymous said...

For F%%ks sake indeed! Not "hard or anything"??? Kicked, punched or whatever else necessary to lock them up! Breaking bones and one KO....police are a bigger gang than "you" - the public, or whoever. Ooooh tough talk C.C.

Actually I do think that Tasers ARE a big mistake, although I do understand the argument for cops wanting them, because of the scum who are armed with guns and knives.
But there does appear to be a thugish element within the force who like to hurt unarmed people.
I feel that his is a wrong direction for the police to go in.

However, if the cops are the biggest, toughest "gang", then WHY have none of you yet sorted out that gang of lying robbing bandits in the government?

Vetnurse said...

CC Just don't go using them on dangerous dogs it takes them down for a few mins and then makes them worse.
If you think the dog was angry before it is a baby compared to when it gets back up.

MTG sometimes reason doesn't work (on humans) so where do you go from there?

Anon. the reason no one has sorted politicians is that until they shot themselves in the foot with the freedom of info they were able to hide their excesses and they made the laws to protect themselves. Now they are reaping what they have sown over the years. Not to the degree they should but it is a start.

Annette said...

The police do need protection these days, and I think, that tasers are the perfect answer.

Annette said...

The police do need protection these days, and I think, that tasers are the perfect answer.

Constable Confused.com said...

Thank you for the comments.

Dear MTG, that is what it is like, gang culture prevails and I am fortunate to be part of a gang that will come running like hell when it goes wrong. It frequently does.
My use of force? I have to daughters one of whom is 8, there is the chance that she will see me with facial injuries. I will do everything i possibly can to avoid that, if a person wants to offer me violence I will use the same in return once non verbal and verbal communications have run their course. I am not a punchbag. That was not a critical incident by the way, it was drunken people doing what they do despite being advised not to.

I am not a thug and can honestly say that none of my immediate work colleagues are either. The reference to the gang relates to the fact that if we need help and ask for it......it comes running. We are the only ones out there at 3-4 in the morning and at times knowing that you have back up. Will you come and help then?

VN, will remember that.

Annette, I agree non lethal force is definetely a positive. If you are not under the effects of cocaine I have seen the effect the red dot has on people, it is a much less violent option.

As I have stated before I will not make any apology for use of force if I deem it necessary.


Grumpy Old Ken said...

Can you please explain what the blogging policeman in todays Times has done that you havent?

Blue Eyes said...

The point about the "gang" thing is surely that the the police gang is bigger AND has a slightly more lawful and moral purpose than the other gang whose purposes are rather less appealing to ordinary folk.

Personally my heart does not like the look of taser but my head says "it does no long term damage unlike a baton or a real gun". It does what it is supposed to do which is to temporarily incapacitate.

In that way taser has the same goal as CS spray. It's not pleasant and its use would have to be fully justified but it does not break bones or worse.

Hogday said...

Taser is not pleasant, neither is a faceful of CS or OC or a strike from an ASP baton, but alas they are often more effective than waving a lavender scented hanky under the nose of Mr, Mrs or Ms Pissed, Stoned and Nasty.

I feel a certain comfy feeling when I realise there are still people who have little idea of how a human being, juiced up on alcohol, drugs or a powerful mind set can be immune to reasoning or pain compliance tactics. That these folks have been shielded from these elements in our society is all to their good fortune. Long may they continue to enjoy a peaceful life, shielded from the former by the likes of Constable Confused.

Blue Eyes said...

Hear! Hear!

Now where is that quote about rough men and sound night's sleep when you need it?

I for one would swap a hundred of our self-appointed and self-sustaining intelligentsia for one of you, Mr CC.com.

Dr Melvin T Gray said...

Unless I am sorely mistaken, Blue Eyes aka Uniform, CC has sufficient control of himself to accept contrary opinion with civility. Therefore, as much as I detest tasers, I would have a measure of confidence in his charge of such a device.

On the other hand, coarse individuals teetering on the edge of temper outbursts and obscenities, are better suited for compulsory anger management therapy than entrustment with any responsibility.

Constable Confused.com said...

Grumpy Old Ken,

absolutley nothing apart from the fact that he was better than me.

Thank you all for your comments and I apologise for some of the spelling, sticky keyboard.


Anonymous said...

C.C. I am sure that you are not a thug sweetie-pie. I was just winding you up. Naughty I know, but I just couldn't help myself, which I hope will find your very generous forgiveness.

I'm not really into the physical fisty-cuffs stuff, but I do a good job of providing verbal "back up" and arguing the toss. It has been said that I could talk the hind leg off a donkey, when motivated, or required, to control a situation.

There have been many occasions where people have needed my help or intervention, and yes, I have been there for them, 110%.

Do you not have an answer to my question, about the robbing bandits in THAT "House of ill Repute"?

It takes all sorts to make a world, and a police force. I am actually very grateful for the "tough guys", being one of the "gentle" sex - female.
And I sincerely hope that there are some of those brave guys out there watching my back, and protecting me re: current Op. ;0)

Blue Eyes said...

CC, sorry to bring this "spat" over here, but Dr Melvin is alluding to the fact that I asked him to f-off on my blog because he came over and posted a comment which can be précised by the words "your are a moron". I couldn't think of a more appropriate reply. It is a pity that the good Doctor does not have his own blog so that I can return the compliment.

BenefitScroungingScum said...

Hi CC,
Just wondered what your opinion of the WPC/parking in disabled bay photo story is?
FWIW I think in an emergency situation you guys have to park wherever you need to park to deal with it and if that happens to be a disabled bay, fair 'enuf but shift the vehicle as soon as is safely possible, but if it's not an emergency it shouldn't even be considered.

Annette said...

CC, I would like to nominate you for an award.
Please see my blog

Hogday said...

BSS of the DSS: Yes, quite agree. On-duty necessity is one thing, but parking in disabled bays etc etc etc, for convenience, is something, as a former supervisory officer, I'd have had words about.

PC Plastic Fuzz said...

I'm off buddy. Last post went out today. Take care! Be safe!

DAVE BONES said...

More of this and "Being a bigger gang" wont be the case anymore. You really need the consent and good will of the people mate. If it goes this will be like Spain. Things aren't that bad. it is all rescuable. Don't fuck it up.

DAVE BONES said...

Here you go mate cheer up and watch the end of this. People in gangs need a bit of counselling

danny shine said...

Hi there. I dont know if you have seen our vids but they do contain some interesting police footage. http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=1C5F0FF4E4F424EC

Also , have you seen john harris talk at www.tpuc.org ?

Of course the whole idea of policing is open to many many questions. As someone who values freedom, I feel that the police in general are less and less looking after our freedom and more and more doing what the corporations tell them to do. This leads to some very crazy outcomes.

Also does it ever seem to you like you are being used and abused by the powers that be t- this nonsense about terrorism as if its significant compared to all other threats ?

Anonymous said...

Danny Shine asked, "Do you feel that you are being used and abused by the powers that be"? Well now you ask Danny, er YES, I do feel used and abused by the government, who have FAILED to pay me for my work on a special operation, the outcome and success of which they are trying to cover up. They don't work for nothing, so to expect to not pay me, whilst they claim very generous expenses, and give themselves gold plated pensions, is VERY bad form, and hypocritical.

Government, or rather one MP in particular, has tried to steer this country in the wrong direction. He has tried to make out that the "terror" problem is actually worse than it really is, to justify all sorts of Big Brother databases and general snooping upon the WHOLE population.
It was the USA's so called "war on drugs" that caused a lot of the trouble in the first place, 30-40 years ago.

The "leading" MP has his supporters in government, and within the police, who would very much like to impose draconian laws and monitoring upon the whole population, using the so called "terror" threat as justification. It's a load of nonsense. The government wants all the data collecting databases for other ulterior motives, like snooping on the population to make sure that they extract every penny they can from people in the form of taxes. Trust a money grabbing ex Chancellor to think of that one!

There is a dubious "element" within government who want to see the creation of an Orwellian Big Brother State, complete with databases, so they can monitor, control, and oppress the population. They try to claim that the databases are for our benefit and protection - preventing fraud and the provision of better services. That is a BIG FAT LIE.
There ARE devious ulterior motives.

When the U.K mainland had a problem years ago, from IRA bombs, there was not the frenzie and scare - mongering from the government about that threat, that this government have tried to whip up via the media.

This government appear to have the authoritarian oppressive mindset, of "punishing the whole class" because a few behave badly. The government also appears to do the exact opposite of what is strongly advised, either for or against, in credible, proven to be accurate Intelligence reports. One such warning was to AVOID the use of Big Brother databases and extreme surveillance upon the population. Even some ex heads of the S.I.S have spoken out in the House of Lords and in the press, against this government's plans for the Big Brother State of I.D cards and data collection and storage.

Another strong warning in Intelligence reports was to AVOID issuing the police with Tasers, as this would lead the police force in the WRONG direction. Another strong warning was to NOT get politically tied up with the EU, to NOT surrender our sovreingty and the right to rule ourselves; plus to AVOID the creation of an EU Federal Super State and the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty.

All of the above will lead to the undermining of freedom by the state, and will also lead to much suffering and disaster in the future. And have the politicians listened to the wise guidance? NO!

Minority Report Officer

Area Trace No Search said...

You've opened a can of worms here.
I haven't mentioned the whole taser thing, as every time I've seen it done people get all upset.

Brave man.

Personally, I think if it happens, a year later no one will be commenting on it - much the same as rigid cuffs, as stab vests, and even the furore over CS when it was first issued.

Constable Confused.com said...

Thank you all for your comments'

at the end of the day in the UK we are policed by consent. The statute/act of parliament predates even me.

If the police tell you to stop, just do it. Then there will be no need for Tazer, C.S. or any other form of physical violence. Just remember...it could be a lot worse if we were issued firearms as standard.

There is a respect issue ongoing as well, we are expected to respect you even after you have tried to beat the living crap out of us. Try to respect us for the job we do. Remember.


Anonymous said...

You do not need to remind me CC, that there is an "ongoing respect issue", from government and the public, towards the police. I too am a "victim" of an appalling lack of respect, for the job I have done, the risks I have taken and the abuse and humiliations that I have been subjected to, all for "the greater good", Queen and country.

Sometimes it has been very difficult to not feel angry and resentment towards those who have taken my work, and my personal sacrifices very much for granted.
But I have had to rise above it and just "get on with it", because the issues are very serious and do have far reaching consequences, for good or bad. The past lack of respect for myself, my Operation and the accurate Intel, some of which has been dismissed by government, just beggars belief.

They expect the police and security service to protect them and the people of this country, whilst treating some of us with contempt, and even insults.

I do feel that what has gone haywire with regards to respect for the police, can be put right.
The government have treated the police with the same disrespect with which they treat many members of the public. The bad behaviour of a small number has resulted in the harsh treatment of the whole group, and some serious matters covered up leaving victims ignored and without proper closure.

The bad press about a few cops who have been too heavy handed with the public, or worse, has resulted in the public thinking that ALL cops are bad cops, which clearly they are not. However, some do not help themselves one bit and the whole institution gets "tarred and feathered" by the press. Not unlike the small number of benefit fraud cases that get into the news.
Suddenly everyone who claims benefits is a scrounging scum criminal type fraudster, which clearly most are not.

It is a very backward and narrow way of thinking by the masses, the government and the press.

However, the use of Tasers on the public IS a wrong direction, and will not earn the police the respect due from an ungrateful public and government, who expect to be protected from harm/trouble.
Tasers WOULD become the standard firearms of the future, and would become as lethal as guns and bullets. Do we in the U.K want to become like the USA, or Spain?

Minority Report Officer

Anonymous said...

Sadly I do remember, as a young female officer, the ongoing LACK OF 'respect' issues, coming from certain males within the force, and directed at myself.
I remember the warnings, the undermining, the plots, the intimidation, and the threats.

But one day they WILL meet their maker and will have to account for their bad behaviour. They will also be put through the same crap they have put me through - KARMA that they will have to go through, and suffer because they wronged me.

They could mitigate their 'debt' by making amends NOW, in this life.

Pete said...

CUNTstable Stupid ... or whatever it is you call yourself, on a noe-to-one I would say that I would come away thinking that I have shit harder things than you.

You gutless wanker.