Monday, 8 March 2010

Despite the best efforts of certain annoying people you may be pleased to know that I have not killed myself. My only wish is that if anyone who was reading my blog and in a similar situation did not allow a certain persons comments affect their life to any great degree. I would hate to be Pete knowing that he may have driven some poor soul to suicide due to his obvious dislike for me.

Anyway moving on, in spite of my apparent genetic failings, my new job finds me in a world of equipment that equates to a computer for a caveman(just getting my head around it now). It, unfortunately, removes me from my former role of street policing (on my own for the most) one of the gun crime capitals of the UK.

I increasingly find myself removed from day to day policing which I thought I would never do. I find myself in an insular world where we can provide so much help to officers on the ground but not actually get involved.

In light of this I now find myself in a position of not being able to provide any material worthy of blogging about. I could tell you about suspect searches and vehicle pursuits but the actual feelings and emotions of being on the ground just aren't there anymore.

I will still be around and available on e-mail but unless something dramatic happens I won't be posting anymore.

Thank you for your comments, it makes me realise just how rewarding an open forum can be. I will continue to read other blogs and comment when I feel it necessary.

Incase anyone feels a certain sense of glee and achievement over this I would like them to remember that if a government witch hunt last year couldn't put me off there is no way that someone with the DNA of a dried up mouse poo ever could. I simply feel that the police who are still there 24/7, on the streets, have better material than me.



Stressed Out Cop said...

Good Luck CC

Drop in occassionally .. be nice to know how you are getting on

Life ain't too bad


Anonymous said...

Yes, pleased to hear that you are still here C.C and not affected by the unkind suggestions of Mr Nasty in the last post.

Your new job sounds like a good move C.C, a lot less stressful and probably very rewarding, in terms of the personal satisfaction gained in helping others. Cos THAT is the kind of guy you are, a goodun! If only there were more like you, and NO 'Pete's', the world would be a better place.
There's always one negative idiot trying to spoil things. Bog off Pete with your nasty attitude. It really will come back and bite you in the bum one day.

I shall miss reading this blog, as you have always come up with some interesting topics. It's a shame that you will not be posting anymore. I'm sure you could still write about current affairs that are of general interest to your readers, assuming that you did have the time. S.O.C's right, life ain't too bad, and I do feel that it could get so much better, soon.
Vince Cable wrote an article for last weekend's Mail on Sunday, about the FAILINGS of the 'Justice' system, which many cops have moaned about on blogs.

I for one, have not given up hope, and nor should you, nor any other good soul striving to do their best for others and society. Pete wouldn't understand that concept!....And I would hate to be him too. He does deserve some pity.

All the very best to you C.C, it will soon be spring......


Blue Eyes said...

Mr CC.Com you are a magnificent man indeed. You may go up-de-up-up and you may go down-de-down-down but we will always be interested in what you have to say!

I shall be emailing you shortly, just as soon as I remember how to send emails from my "blogging" account.

Anonymous said...

Have been an avid reader of your blog and am truly sorry to see you go. You are truly courageous with all you have been through and I admire you. Ignore those who choose to try and discredit you,they have not nor will they ever walk in your shoes.Would like to keep in touch but dont know how
Tabs xxx

Metcuntytu said...

Juddering Joysticks, constable cock-pilot

Constable said...


really can't be bothered with you anymore and for the first time in nearly 18 months have deleted a comment.

I would like to nominate you for an award.......I try not to use too much foul language on my blog though.

It is obvious that care in the community has clearly failed you and further consideration should be given to allowing total idiots access to the internet for fear they end up like you.

Reply if you wish but it will be deleted.


Anonymous said...

C.C...I'm pleased to hear that you cannot be "bothered" with Pete's silly game of wind you up with insults and abuse. Who needs that?
No reasonable person, in my humble opinion. The affects of such "drip drip" comments, over time, can actually seep into ones head, in the form of negative psychological programming, which undermines confidence and self esteem, and health.

If you tell someone that they are a weak gutless, useless, sexist coward often enough, they will start to think that it is true. Add to that the suggestion of why don't know, and someone suffering from depression, because of years of abuse, just might go ahead and believe that life really isn't worth living.

This is the very real DANGER from the so called clarification on "assisted suicide", where it is claimed to be a "mercy killing".
The law will be abused to cover up callous and deliberate attempts to get people to end their lives.

No-one, not EVER, no matter what the circumstances are, not even as a sick and twisted "joke", should suggest to another person, "Why don't you kill yourself". Someone did suggest that to myself a few years back, on a blog, after I disclosed that I was a SURVIVOR of serious abuse, but disabled by it.
The comment was upsetting to say the very least, because the person justified it with a remark that I was a "waste of resources" and a drain upon the system.

Without MY work and efforts, there wouldn't have been a well organised Child Protection System set up, even if it was hijacked in 1986, by a fraudulent abuser who passed it off as his own idea, and then corrupted it to oppress parents, especially mothers.

I thought about that, my work, and the other efforts I had made, for others and for society, and I wept because of the further abuse being heaped upon me by callous ignorant little twerps on an unofficial police blog.
What happened on there, reflected what I had been subjected to for years, by the stinky attitudes of some officials in the system, and from people in my community, who didn't know that I was an undercover officer, a sleeper, on a long term Op.

If you have a look at a new blog called "Allcoppedout", on wordpress, you will be surprised by a very frank account of official indifference to sufferers of relentless abuse and harassment.
There are elements of the saga that Allcoppedout details, which are true to my own situation.
People do not know the half of it, and those professionals who have been expected to "live a lie", and pretend that everything is fine, are under great strain and suffering. Sanctioned by government, who do nothing to help us. Why would they anyway?, as they want another 5 years in power, to finish off the job of totally ruining this country.

Minority Report Officer

Pete said...
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Hogday said...

To do this job properly, to really understand it, at whatever rank you achieve or whatever department you end up in, you need the heart and soul of a frontline patrol officer. I think you do and because of that you will be a great asset, even though you think you are in a different zone. You'll have the backs of your colleagues on the ground. You will always be one of them. Good luck and look in any time.

Anonymous said...

I see that Pete's wondering why C.C has left the original abuse comments on the previous post. Good question I suppose, and also a bit of a puzzle.

Could it not be the case, that C.C has been abused and battered so much, and for such a long time, by relentless verbal abuse and insults, that he has come to actually like it? Perhaps he gets some sort of pleasure out of it, like those guys who go to a leather glad dominatrix for a damn good spanking!
Are you one of those very naughty boys C.C?

Or, perhaps C.C is, as his blog name suggests, rather CONFUSED, because of all the abuse he has experienced. Could be both, actually!

When you do eventually sort your head out constable, you could always continue with the blog under a new name of "Notsoconfused"

Pete said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

More abuse again from the psycho Pete? Well Pete, I have never been one for wishing people any harm, however in your case, knob head, I sincerely hope that life delivers you a very large and swift kick in the ass. Because you do deserve it, you obsessive psycho. Get a life, a hobby, or even a wife, if you can find someone to put up with your contant negativity and snide remarks.

Anonymous said...

Dear ,
My name is Neville Evans and I am writing to you today, to ask your help in a small matter. I am a serving police officer and some time ago, I became very disillusioned with the job. When I joined there was a class of 22. Now there are only 8 left, in only ten years! Stress, unethical conduct, disillusionment etc. You know the reasons.
I like you wanted to fight back and get those management gurus to listen and I also wanted to put pen to paper and help some of my struggling colleagues. I decided to write a detailed book about stress and morale issue’s on the frontline.
I’ve sent extracts to middle and senior management across the country. More than 250 emails. Only three replied. Next week, I am in police review and I am not holding out much hope.
Morale Matters – A police officers guide to reducing stress and improving morale in the workplace
This book is detailed, thought provoking, research based, helpful and honest. It’s challenging also. You’re at the top of the tree and I would really like to send you a free copy of the book. For your comments. The book isn’t a whinge, but offers real solutions to this job.

Please let me know, if you could help. I don’t have the support of a publisher as have self-published this book, unfortunately marketing is the hard part.

Kindest regards
Neville Evans

Miss Daisy said...

C.C very interesting blog! I love your style of writing. I'm glad to see your in a better place now :)