Thursday, 22 January 2009

Ermm, first post not nervous at all!

At 7 AM on Monday we were told that the old forms we had to fill in at domestics were no longer valid. A "DC" from the domestic unit arrived with a big box full of the new form, VPRF 1. Vulnerable Person Reporting Form 1. In all of it's 9 pages it never once mentions a verbal argument only and then refers me to the Domestic Abuse Policy. His last words were "don't shoot the messenger". This warranted further investigation.

I check this policy and fail to see how Jonny not wanting to get up for school when Kylie tells him too and he refuses. He then deems it fit to call the police beause him mum shouted at him. We attend and actually believe that nothing has happened but because of the nature of the call we are obliged to fill in the old form. There is no child abuse here as Kylie obviously cares enough to gethim to school.

No doubt someone has got promoted from the new form but they have set criteria for the reporting of the incidents. If the criteria is not met there is no way that I will be filling in the form despite the urges of the radio room.

I also fail to see how X +Y (who argue all the time and because of the lack of social skills) call the police because Y drank X's last can of White Lightning. They have a drunken argument and one of them calls the police.

We arrive speak to them by first name as we have been there so many times and at the end of the day nothing is wrong other than a lack of money/social skills. In the old days I should fill in a domestic referral form but now unless either party is "vulnerable" I don't have to.

I should be filling one in but whatever muppet produced them didn't produce the correct document. Acording to them and the domestic abuse policy there is to be no concern if neither party is vulnerable. They might both be MOOC s (members of our community) but neither can ever be classed as vulnerable.

The jobsworths who run the domestic violence unit have yet to realise just how wrong they have got the wording. Please don't get me wrong, in real cases of domestic violence I will do all I can to assist the victim and lock up the offender. In the average case of social breakdown (ie last can of cider) I will do all I can to result as No Offences Disclosed!

The directive issued by the D.I. was that this form had to be filled in at all domestic related incidents irrespective. They then went on to publish the policy and if anyone with even a bit of common sense read it then they would realise there was no need at most incidents unless someone was vulnerable.

I am not shy of work but when someone specifies a policy to me and then insists I do exactly what it says, I will do that. I heard that the domestic violence unit was looking to poach more staff from uniform and in a roundabout way this new form was produced to assist that.

They have actually done the opposite and provided a get out for real police officers.

If this makes no sense please criticise freely, it is my first post.

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Area Trace No Search said...

If it's any consolation - our DV forms are much, much longer than just nine pages.
More than twice as long...