Thursday, 9 July 2009

The STD's of the blogging world.

I have heard that canestan, liberally applied along with a tablet if necessary, can take away all annoyances. I have done this regularly and now have a very smeared laptop screen which sometimes makes it illegible. The tablet has made my DVD drive now inoperable.

In spite of this some people just continue to cause an irritation, Now Metcounty has left one of his irritations appears to have latched onto me, direct quote:
Anonymous Pete said...

CUNTstable Stupid ... or whatever it is you call yourself, on a noe-to-one I would say that I would come away thinking that I have shit harder things than you.

You gutless wanker.

Thank you, he didn't even post it on a recent item, just kind of sneaked it in on one that no-one would be reading anymore.

Constructive criticism is always welcome and will be answered accordingly. However amateurish, boorish comments will be ridiculed, scoffed at and if they present spelling mistakes openly published to highlight what a dickhead the person is.

Thanks Pete, it took me a week or so to find this comment and when you challenged me to a noe-to-one (spelt as per comment) with you, I couldn't help but chuckle. By the way do you think you are the first to change my name to that? It is so well used it actually makes you look like one if you choose to look further than the end of your nose and read other blogs.

All in all Pete, thank you for a chuckle and I really can't wait for the next installment.

For those who doubt me check out comment 27 on the post highlighted.


BenefitScroungingScum said...

You'd think people would have better things to do! Mind you...I think 'people' might be aiming a bit high in this case ;)
BG x

anonymous said...


Dandelion said...

and if they present spelling mistakes openly published to highlight what a dickhead the person is.

Thanks Pete, it took me a week or so to find this comment and when you challenged me to a noe-to-one

Do you know the word Hypocrite? Do you know how to spell Canesten TM ?

You realise, I presume, that you've just showed yourself to be a right petty hypocritical nasty bit of work. Pathetic and arrogant to boot.

Shame on you, CC.

Dandelion said...

If all you've got on him is a typo, then all you've got is human frailty, and you're just as vulnerable to that as anyone else. As you've nicely illustrated in this post.

You make me want to spit. You are utterly pathetic and ignorant. Deal with the real issues, why don't you?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are a bit irritated C.C.....with Pete the abusive *anker, who has been really quite nasty, many times, about Metcountymounty, on PC Bloggs comments, as you may well be aware.
Metcounty has not "left" cyberspace, but he has changed his comments access to "team members only". So, it looks like I will not be able to tell him anymore secrets, and that I miss him.
Still one cannot blame Metcounty for restricting access to his comments, if nasty people have been annoying and abusing him on it.

But quite why anyone would want to smear a treatment for "Thrush", a yeast infection, all over their laptop is a bit of a mystery C.C.
But I guess that's better than throwing it at a wall in annoyance, and then having to buy another one. Deep breaths C.C. But I do realise that you are just being very sarcastic.

Perhaps Pete is an ADHD kid who just wants your attention, and the only way he can get it is by bad behaviour and insults. There is probably a weak or absent father behind Pete's nasty streak. Or perhaps a cruel and authoritarian father, who turned Pete into an authority hating individual, who has now turned his anger towards you. You have at least obliged his attention seeking, by making this post about him, which counts as his 15 minutes of fame. Bless!

Sounds like Dandelion has fallen out with you too C.C.

In the spirit of constructive criticism, CALM DOWN and think about what you are saying here.
Spelling mistakes??? So what. We can all make them, as you most certainly have in the past. Spelling mistakes can happen when people are rushing the typo, and/or not concentrating, or because they are Dyslexic.

Dyslexics are above average intelligence, but have a brain that functions differently to non dyslexics. Remembering how to spell words can take a lifetime.
Albert Einstien [or is it Einstein] was a dyslexic who was ridiculed by his teacher in school, who said that he would never amount to anything, because he had trouble with basic reading and writing - spelling!

The "Real Issues" Dandelion, would make, and have made the bravest of men go quiet, pale and jittery.


Constable said...

After only a few hours, thank you. My faith in humanity remains in tatters.

Dandelion, I know how to spell canesten, it's on a box at the top of my blog.
This was to find out which people read the content and which read to criticise.

My little experiment is progressing well.


Blue Eyes said...

Hola CC. I have seen this chap "Pete" leaving rather unhelpful comments around the place. I wouldn't get worked up about him because although he is unpleasant he doesn't have any good arguments up his sleeve. Your real readers know you are not a C* and of course you know you are not a C* so it should be water off a duck's back!

Keep up the good blogging.

Annette said...

I agree with Blue Eyes.
You are far better than him in every way.

Anonymous said...

My faith in humanity has been sorely tested too lately, but it isn't quite in tatters. Sounds like you have sunk into a dark hole C.C. Come back up please, there are some good people in this world, and there are people who do love you, and who care about you.
You know that is true. So please focus on only what is good in your life. Count your blessings and they will multiply. I promise you.

If you dwell on all that isn't good, that too will magnify into a dark mountain of doom and gloom.

You have a choice. Choose love.
It is still a beautiful world.

Dr Melvin T Gray said...

The true metal of a gentleman is afforded an opportunity to shine in the face of adversity and the crudity of others is the least of adversity.

Moronic postings speak for themselves. 24 carat forbearance might be added to your long established credentials as a gentleman, CC.

Anonymous said...

You are not wrong Dr Mel.....

mrs. fuzz said...

One of the blessed benefits to being the police and dealing with the public, and apparently online as well. Many of the copper blogs see these nasty trolls about and it's just a given that it will happen sooner or later if not constantly. All you can do is get a chuckle because they are usually so hard to read and understand because the grammar is so bad. It's easier to laugh those off. It is sad though that these people are everywhere. I'm sorry you had to deal with that. I did get a chuckle at your smearing cream and inserting pills into your computer though.

Anonymous said...

Pete shits harder things than you? - all thanks to Canesten. He needs to loosen up.

A. Friend

P.S. He wouldn't get that one.

Anonymous said...