Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Why do I work again?

At this current moment in time I find myself shelving out huge sums of money to a solicitor to act on my behalf. (A civil matter not a criminal one by the way). Why?

If I changed uniform to a tracksuit or simply couldn't be bothered getting off Facebook or Bebo or whatever social network group that the state pays you money for Internet access, I would not have to pay such extortionate fees. Maybe I should get out of work and see where life takes me, perhaps not eh?

I see many such people who are "entitled" to free legal advice. Admittedly the system has been supposedly streamlined or "fast tracked" over the last few years but why do the life sucking dross that are the mainstay of many solicitors get it all for nothing?

I have worked solidly since I was 18. If I had remained in the RAF I would have retired on November 25th after 22 years service. Instead, I find myself with mounting legal costs and no easy way out.

Think into this what you will but a number of you will guess what it means.



Blue Eyes said...

I don't know what your situation is, but I do understand your frustration with the "entitlement" culture. I have also worked all my life and resent the people who are fit and able who pay half the rent I do for an identical flat just because they have ticked the right boxes. Are they in need? No.

I'm all for helping those who need our help but why on Earth are we sorting out people who should be paying their own way?

Anonymous said...

What I "feel" rather than "think" C.C, and also suspect in fact, is that your current state of annoyance and distress is due to an emotional upheaval. Divorce is upsetting, especially when it is costing you a great deal of money.

A civil matter that was a personal injury claim [not that a broken relationship isn't] would be settled by "no win no fee" these days, as would a claim for defamation or libel, unless you have a substantial sum in the bank already, that would prevent you getting legal assistance for free.

You are clearly hurting and resentful towards those who do qualify for "free" legal assistance. In theory I would be "entitled" to this sort of help, and wads of compensation for appalling personal injuries and injustices done to myself.

However, I doubt the "quality" of such "free" assistance, knowing how the "old boy" network operates and covers the corrupted arses of professional wrong doers. If you think that the criminal justice system leaves a lot to be desired, well....often the civil justice system isn't much better. It's also a very stressful and energy draining process, in which only the lawyers are graranteed to "win." The powers that be like it that way, as it suits them and does provide the appearance of "justice" for all. Bah humbug!!!

I resent the fact that you refer to people on benefits as "life sucking dross". I suffer with a serious, disabling physical illness, caused by repeated abuse done to me by BASTARDS in uniform and the legal profession. THEY are the evil "life sucking dross" C.C.

I receive a small allowance from the state that enables me to survive. However, I have "given" far more to society, than I have received, so far, in benefits. The allowance I receive for my living expenses has given me limited opportunity to use the Internet, and find interesting blogs like this one. My use of the Internet is limited because I do not have broadband. So I have not "bothered" with Facebook, or Bebo, or whatever social network groups there are to explore on the web. Soooo, WHO exactly are you resenting and blaming for the situation you now find yourself in, I wonder? Not myself I hope.

I much prefer human face to face contact, but when one is disabled and isolated by an illness, and also in a difficult situation that has been created by others, one soon finds out who one's friends truly are. Do you object and resent, that I receive money from the state, because I am suffering from a serious illness???

The "easy" way out of mounting legal costs, especially in a divorce, is to not allow the lawyers to "clock up" their fees by pointless letter after letter arguing the toss. Try and agree with your opponent, if at all possible. The name of the lawyers "game" is to create issues to argue about, often with insults in their letters....designed to bait you, and obtain another expensive written response. It seems to me that many in the legal profession ARE the "life sucking dross" worthy of your contempt C.C.

Nothing worth having has ever been gained easily....... And that also includes freedom from an unhappy relationship. The pain will soon be over and then, given time, I know that you will feel better. And that's no guess......
Working at something, is better than doing nothing with one's life.


BenefitScroungingScum said...

ER, I've only scan read your comment...but CC is not referring to those of us with genuine reasons to rely upon welfare. Unfortunately there is a serious problem with entitlement culture in certain areas and it's the issues with this group CC is addressing.

CC I too can guess at your situation. It's been quite some time but I still have the odd legal contact in the right geographic area. Email if you need, until then best wishes mate,

MTG said...

A difficult time for you C.C but you can hold it all together when you think how much stronger you are going to be when you emerge from it.

Anonymous said...

you're not a "one in ten"

Stressed Out Cop said...

I can only suggest doing it yourself - be resigned in the worst case to be shafted anyway.

On receipt of the Ex Mrs Stressed solicitors letter I went to a solicitor and it cost me 150 quid for an hour to tell me nothing really.

Seperation agreement can be done yourself try CIB or net for version. Pay what needed so that csa don't get involved.

Pay them nothing - as they both win and you both lose.

Her solicitors wouldn't even speak to me despite me doing my own stuff and were really anti. When the ex Mrs Stressed did a runner and didn't pay their legal bill (legally aided) oh the joy in telling them to FO when they rang trying to trace her.

Roll with it - e-mail me if you want a shoulder ... soc

Hogday said...

Bin there, paid for that and still am. No dependants, did everything right and nothing wrong. Total honesty from day 1. It is simply a callous exercise in brinkmanship, innuendo that walks a tightrope between truth and bald faced lies and accounting. I can still see the judge, even after 13 years, sitting there tapping away at his calculator, divvy`ing up my material worth. And the final word from the barrister I had to have (because her people produced one), "Well Mr Hogday, I've represented some utter bastards who wriggled and squirmed out of coughing up a penny. You were the complete opposite yet this cnut of a judge has shafted you". Bottom line is `good luck on the day`, I feel it for you, but it is survivable.

Anonymous said...

"Present Arms".....Yes Siree Mr Boss, but only for a peaceful and loving hug, ;0)

An "anon" said that you are not a "one in ten". Quite right too. More like a "one in a billion"....

UB40 - 24-7 - Once around......


Annette said...

I think we could all feel your anger, and I don't blame you.
So many times at work when something has happened to one of my mates and they say:
'if I wasn't working , I would get it free.'
But there is a pride that makes you work. Holding your head up high and not becoming one of those 'layabouts' whatever you want to call them.
I'm sorry your going through this at the moment,but we are here if you need us.


Anonymous said...

MTG is right, you can hold it all together, because you are strong and a cut above the rest C.C. You may get a bit scratched and bruised from the ordeal, but you will survive, and move on to a much brighter, lighter future. Have faith in positive outcomes, and Angels, who love you, for all that you are, and have done to make the world a better place for everyone, and for those not as strong as yourself.

I can understand your anger at having to pay extortionate sums to a lawyer, when there are those who do get free legal assistance because they are on the dole. There ARE bastards in all walks of life, and some do wriggle out of paying a penny, even for their kids, as Hogday mentioned. "Bin" there, and really struggled to raise my family as a result of twats who didn't help to support us, but we did survive, despite the insults from many in society, because I had to rely on benefits to exist as a lone mother.

But there's no point in becoming bitter about people who appear to get away with all sorts of nonsense, whilst others knock themselves out working hard and doing the right thing. Those who do wrong to others do "pay" eventually, in the working out of karma. As you sow, so shall you reap" - or, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Because ANY hurt and injustice done to others will come back to bite people in the backside, if not in this life, then in their next incarnation. Reincarnation is a fact and NOBODY "escapes" universal justice. There really is an all powerful Creator, who writes the "script" of our lives, to test us and push us in the direction of seeking solace via spiritual forces. Many fall by the wayside, having failed their tests, or because they were distracted and sent off track by temptations and negative people.

Dole, is not the life of Riley many think it is. But it's an improvement on the Workhouse of old, or on dying in the gutter from starvation and illness.

Crime Analyst said...



Please spare a thought this Christmas for the lads and lasses who will be doing their very best to ensure we all enjoy a safe and peaceful christmas – the police officers who will be working while we enjoy our rest over Christmas. Spare them a kind thought and send them your best wishes. We pray that your shifts pass peacefully and that you are able to enjoy some special festive times with your families and loved ones.

A special thank you goes out to the unsung heroes of police blogging this year and the years that have gone before. Having worked long, hard challenging shifts, dealing with the worst society can throw at them, they find the time and energy to write their articles, share their experiences, with a great passion for “What’s right” and delivered in the most part, with good humour.

Thank you to one and all, you know who you are, for all your fine efforts. We look forward to plenty more and perhaps some well deserved reforms for you in 2010.

With best wishes
Steve & The Team
Nice 1 Limited

Crime Analyst said...

Merry Christmas CC - have a good un!
Best Wishes - Steve & the gang at Thin Blue Line uk

Anonymous said...

Happy and peaceful wishes for Christmas and the New Year for you C.C, and all the good guys out there. Heroes loved by Angels.

M2MPout said...

Dear CC like other comments I can only guess what you are going through, but hang on in there, you WILL get through it and come out the other side a stronger person. Will be thinking of you and sending you strong thought vibes through the internet !!!!
Hope 2010 lets all your dreams come true xx

Metcountymounty said...

pandy is creeping me out with the constant insistance on 3rd person commentary…… I AM Winston Churchill when he was home secretary and I look upon the full blown and profound threat of anihiliation to bring myself, round, unlike that twat Neville Chamberlain who obviously didn’t know the face of evil despite sitting across the table from it.

Anonymous said...

Speaketh your words of wisdom, once again C.C, please.....

Anonymous said...

Come back CC.Com!

Anonymous said...

Let those who are without sin cast the first stone. Oh, you ARE without sin? Has adultery been downgraded then?

Yes divorce is a trying, draining and emotional time but really, you are complaining about a situation of your own making, are you not? Keep your friend in your pants and you'll keep your money in your wallet. Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

I know that you do like to be even handed C.C, in that you allow critical comments to remain on your blog, but I am rather surprised that you have not deleted the snipe at you, from the rather bitchy anon above.

Sour grapes is it anon? Or just a holier than thou superiority complex? Probably both, and more besides! Possibly a member of the "Kick a good man when he's down club". We all know people like that - best avoided.

Whilst "anon" appears to be delivering a "sermon on the mount" ;0) ....s/he appears to forget that the same source of spiritual wisdom also guides people to look at their OWN FAULTS before finding fault with the perceived personal imperfections of others....You know, the one about seeing the mote in ones own eye, before pointing it out in others.

Then there's the one about not judging others, lest yee be judged.
And just in case anon above was leaving a personal snipe at my old mate C.C, how about the one regarding the forgiveness of "sins", hhmm? Recall that one do you anon?

NONE of us, here on earth, are without "sin" anon. Mistake might be a better word for sins, as sin implies Hell and damnation, as taught by the Church of Rome. Hmmmm
It's probably six of one and half a dozen of the other ANYWAY anon!

People don't "burn in Hell" for all eternity because they make a mistake, or break a "rule". Nor should Muslim women be stoned to death for adultery, as under Sharia Law. Both religious beliefs are extreme and out of date in the 21st century. Do they stone men to death for adultery under Sharia?


Constable said...

Thank you all for your comments, even those that I suspect may come from my former wife.

I am currently forming an eloquent response that will hopefully address most issues and will be back shortly.


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