Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Going quiet.

Sorry won't be posting for a while, just had news that Mrs CC.C after a scan has some problems that could be quite life changing. No disrespect to you all but that is a bit more important at the moment. Waiting for further CT scans and an op.

How life changes in a week.

Regards and hope to speak further soon.


Sage said...

Hope it turns out to be something and nothing but in any case Mrs CC.C will be in my prayers as will you.

Dark Side said...

I hope Mrs CC.C is going to be ok and you take all the care of her you can, whilst also taking care of yourself...thinking of you..xx

Anonymous said...

I am truly sorry to read this worrying news Mr Confused. I sincerely hope that Mrs C.C. will be alright. My thoughts and prayers will be for both of you, wishing you both well and for a positive outcome to your situation.


Vetnurse said...

Life can be hard enough without added burdens. l wish you both luck and safe roads.

Noddy said...

Hope and pray you have cause to be back very soon.

Annette said...

Will be thinking of you both.

MetAnon said...

I was sorry to read this.
Best of luck to you both and hope it turns out to be nothing.

Hogday said...

Positive thinking all round, for you all.

Anonymous said...

I hope you will be back soon with good news. May the roads rise with you both.


Dude, ... Hi there buddy ... do not worry so much now in days things computer, such as CT, are pretty effective.
Everything will be back to normal. I can speak for myself, because I spent two (2) dessas.And look of the weapons that were fired from colleagues, the famous friendly fire, remember him?
Here in Brazil fans is yours you are strongly desiring everything and everything happens a certain well.
You will see, you can bet.
and we will be waiting for good news.
Actually all are waiting for good news, residents or not, it does not matter.
I took the liberty to follow their writings, but no guarantee that from time to time Steals something from your blog, just theft of use, my blog is very poor.
Ligeirinho, Police Detective Investigator - First Class
São Paulo - Brazil's Police State