Friday, 27 March 2009


I have just read Twining's post and feel de-valued. I joined the Police as a Constable. I am white, heterosexual and apart from a few injuries not visibly disabled.

Why do we have to have the BPA, MPA, AWPO just to name a few.

Surely we are all out there to help the public and give the scrotes a hard time. I don't care if you are black,white, brown, pink or even a little bit cerise, just get on with the job and do what you are paid to do.

Shall we try to form an association of white, heterosexual, non disabled police officers or would we be prevented from doing so as it is incorrect? Anyway the initials aren't coherent or don't form a pleasing mnemonic.

We all should do the same job so why have the associations in the organisation? Positive discrimination perhaps?

Just get on with it those of you who have forgotten to be impartial and feel the need to segregate and highlight your particular creed. How can you treat the public impartially when you need to form/join an association that disassociates you from your colleagues.

In order not to appear racist I have colleagues on my block who originate from Somalia, Bangladesh and................. Scotland! They too are in despair of the Police "service" and the pandering to be politically correct.

I await being "moderated" by Google and readers without baited breath.


TWINING said...

Constable don't feel confused. Mine is not an attack on you, it is not an attack at all.

I am just trying to highlight the games being played in this very horrible mire. Me, when I stand up, I stand for myself first, but I have never been offered a side move or a cushy number to keep shtm, others I fear have.

And when you see some in the NBPA you begin to realise exactly what I mean by incompetence. What I am trying to explain is there is no equality unless your face fits. You take care.

TWINING said...

How do you think I feel dude?

I have been trying to walk the walk since I was 12 or so. and succesfully.

Those Black colleagues that have closed shop talk with the bosses to keep us quiet, don't do me, you, the legacy of Stephen Lawrence or Black kids trying to find a life any favours.

Of course they do look after themselves first.

Noddy said...


Whatever do you mean?

I wager these associations were set up as "interest" groups. It doesn't take too much of a jump to become "self-interest" groups.

Constable said...

Twining my friend,

I am not commenting on your opinions, heaven forbid mate just the general malaise that the job is at the moment. Unless part of a minority group the you are F££$%d if you have any grievance whatsoever.

If my words appeared critical of you I am sorry, my poor grammar/phrase. As with the recent demise of a Merseyside officer, the BPA were consulted and were happy with the end result of him being dismissed. Why were they even consulted? Are they now part of the steering committee?

Sorry mate just frustrated.


Constable said...


I too have roots up North and after living in Morayshire for 6 years (not anymore)wish I was still there doing the job.

Fit like loon?

Noddy said...

Lived in Elgin for a while in my late teens, early twenties. Old man stationed at Lossie.

Am aboot tae start nichts a nicht, so hae a puckle o' guesses how I feel!

Yours aye,


Constable said...

Last posting was Lossie frae 93-99. Was a bloody hoot!

Anonymous said...

Do remember that racism is a 2 way thing,it isn't just a white thing.
That merseyside officer was sacked for political reasons and nothing else.Nobody had said he was not capable of doing his job.Perhaps all labour supporting officers should be sacked too or what about those wanting out of the eu.It has disgusted a lot of us local people and had the opposite affect with yet more anti police and race recruits now.

Noddy said...

My late father was the Vault Officer at the WOC - 1984-92. You'd have just missed him although he retired to be the SSAFA welfare officer till mid 93 when cancer set in. Many a fine meal at the 1629 and beers at Skippy's and the Skerrybrae.

Sma world, min!

dickiebo said...

I just cannot understand how we ever managed before the advent of the BPA et al!