Sunday, 1 March 2009


It's the end of a pig (no pun intended) of a night shift and I am just waiting for the kids to properly wake up and come down. I like to do that of a morning, puts some perspective back into life after a shift of chaos. It was like a scene from Bugsy Malone but with real weapons and no cream pies from 21:00-07:00 last night.

I have just somehow found this and it started a reluctant thought train, well handcart so beloved of western films involving goldmines.

It made me wonder what the hell is going on? There is outrage at flags being flown on St Georges day despite that today there will be many Welsh dragons flapping outside in a non-discriminatory manner. On 17Th March there will also be many flags flying without condemnation from anywhere. The flags that we fly are ceremonial in nature and indicate an allegiance to our particular country within the UK.

Now that February is over am I suddenly going to forget that we have people in the force who aren't heterosexual and that our "client base" also contains people who aren't? No. Will I treat them any different to how I normally would? No. By the way I am not in North Wales HEDDLU.

How does a Chief Constable justify this? I for one am proud to see the Union Jack flying from the flagstaff when I go to work. It sort of re-enforces the fact that my cap badge has ER II on it. I'm absolutely sure that someone got promoted/big slap on the back for the idea but please, was it necessary to fly this flag? Half, if not more, of the people who saw it probably wouldn't have recognised what it was

Do you find the "flag" at the top of this post offensive? Good Night!


Annette said...

OMG, no,no.
Why do they want a flag anyway for god's sake.

BenefitScroungingScum said...

It's not a flag for poundstretcher then?! BG