Thursday, 5 March 2009

No news is good news.

Have actually got nothing to tell you at this time. All is well on the home front, it is my wife's birthday tomorrow and shopping has been the order of the day. I have had a couple of pints in the pub and am now back at home with no apparent stresses.

Errm, no-one has caused me unnecessary stress and Annette, my BP feels fine. I have not been verbally or physically abused and for once don't feel like I am 39 years old. My bank account is in good order and my wife and kids are fine. Not sure what tomorrow will bring, maybe a pub lunch or tea to celebrate and then just total normality, whatever that may be.

I don't seem to have the chaotic lifestyle that so many of our customers do even whilst not working. I have even been to the pub and consumed alcohol and don't even feel remotely like battering my wife or smashing up the house. Why?

Will leave it at that thought and if you want, tell me difference between people who have some sort of structure in their life and those who have none.

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Annette said...

Well, it's nice to have thise relaxing days isn't it?and many happy returns to Mrs. Confused.