Thursday, 26 February 2009

Footsteps we follow.

I have already mentioned my Dad on my blog and still miss him. This incongruous start will mean something at the end if the plan works.

On Tuesday I was sent to a report of disorder in a local pub. It was only 12:45 pm (IE. early afternoon) but the pub had been open since 09:00 you know who it is but won't mention the brand. Once again singly crewed and with all singing and dancing lights and sound turn up there. Inside all appears quiet (there are big windows on this chain) so after telling the DCR (radio room) I go in. There are a couple of people who look like they may have been involved in a fight, the swelling to the eye, bloody nose and split lip etc. Then this vision appears from the toilet. He has clearly been involved to as he has a huge cut above his eyes. He sees me and promptly announces that he has performed sexual acts on prison officers and I had better go away or I will be next. Can't resist the challenge so in not so polite terms tell him to moderate his language or else. I am 6'2" ish and about 15 stone, he was well......bigger than me. I can't allow him to better me as I am in full kit and what sort of image is that going to send out in the area where I work. The entourage in the pub sense my vulnerability and tell me to get out, the gang mentality has taken over and they feel invincible. I swallow and ask if further patrols are on the way, the reply is affirmative, and I can hear the sirens approaching once I take a mental step back and open the rest of my senses to the situation. The mountain is approaching me and bizarre though it is I see that he has no fingernail on his left thumb. That will make ID easier if it all goes wrong and with CCTV it should be easier. (Yeah right).

He also hears the cavalry coming and lunges at me trying to get out the door, not sure how but he ends up on the floor and next thing I have people trying to get me off him. A couple of poor punches to the body armour and next thing there is a big yellow van outside and I see 6 other colleagues getting out, one assists me in restraining man mountain and getting him cuffed whilst the rest clear the pub. Other patrols are cancelled as the customers seem to have lost their fighting spirit. The licensee offers to close the pub for an hour which we agree to and the mountain despite having been responsible for several public order offences is locked up D+D. He will cough that and it is a lot less paperwork. Order restored.

Anyway back to the start and my dad would always tell me how great people were who lived on Notgreat Road Notgreatside. He told me that they were the salt of the earth and after having a similar experience at 10:30 in the evening (when pubs closed then) he too was faced by a crowd. Wearing only a tunic, whistle and big hat he dealt with it. The crowd dispersed and no-one was locked up. Once the matter was dealt with couple of regulars came to him and said "Jock we were watching you, don't worry". Through a bizarre twist I now cover the same area that he did in the 50/60's. People have definitely changed.


Annette said...

OMG.You were on your own and you faced up to him??I would have died!Well done.

pchawkeye said...

There used to be a chap in the village who was built like a brick toilet many was the time he raised his right hand to be sworn in as a temorary PC when the going got rough, nobody messed with him unlkess they had a prefrence for hospital food through a staw.