Friday, 6 February 2009

The time has arrived.

Once again I find myself bursting with literary prose.

In December on a Sunday morning I was singly crewed (again) when the job came in. The informant had just seen their van reversing down the road without their permission. It was a white transit LWB inconspicuously sign written on the side.

Being that class of driver I made to the area in the vain chance that I would be able to locate the vehicle and do something about it. A search of the area proved negative. All of a sudden the CCTV operator gave us the location of the vehicle and what was happening. It had stopped and it looked like the passenger door was opening. I was not far away and in less than 30 seconds I was behind the van. The passenger door was open and I could see a leg starting to come out. I wasn't sure what to do. Do I get out and risk seconds getting back in when the van makes off or should I just wait and see what happens. I waited and less than a second later off it goes. The prerequisite criteria were met and the pursuit was on! Vehicle now left left left onto X Road speed now x MPH (slow as it was a Tranny van) it's just contravened a no entry sign and entering X street speed now X MPH and requesting support and a tactical resolution. The tactical resolution was in the police car behind me but sorting a site out was a bit tricky. The van went quickly off road smashing through a fence and trying to lose us in the muddy ground. Miraculously I followed it and did not lose traction. There was a solid concrete bollard in front of us and it hit it full on. The rear of the van bounced up in the air as the front took the impact. A burst of steam and smoke came from it but it continued relentless quickly overtaking the rolling bollard down the road.

I was still behind it and could not see how it was going to make it much further with the smoke and steam emitting from it. I was in my element the only downside was that no-one could hear me due to being in an older car the klaxons were in the light bar rather than under the bonnet. The commentary was useless. The van pulled up on the pavement and I pulled up alongside to stop the drivers door from opening. The van was silent, the woppa had done it and destroyed the engine! I then heard a diesel type sound and the van moved backwards, he/she had got it going again. I saw it reverse from the pavement and then move forward again. I engaged reverse but it was too late. The crunch started at the near side rear and continued all the way down the length of the car. I was pushed about 20 foot (with my seat belt on of course) and the Tranny moved away again. That was me out of the chase, sitting there wondering what had happened, did that really happen, why did I feel a crunch why has my nearside wing mirror gone? It all came flooding back to me in an instant when the following car shouted that has been rammed (or words to that effect).

That was me out of the chase, I had been rammed, I didn't know what damage had been caused to my car but I could see my colleague continuing the pursuit. I then heard that the driver had bailed from the van and was out on foot! My colleague was behind him and making ground. The subject was then out of sight as he he turned a corner and approximately 5 seconds later my colleague entered the deserted street to see a male furiously hammering on a door to be let in. No-one else on the street to be seen with this male showing a discarded black jacket like the pursued male had been wearing on the path behind him. Subsequently arrested for aggravated UTMV (TWOC) and dealt with.

Have a guess what the 5 second gap in observation resulted in No Further Action with the individual despite being known as a local scrote.

Justice? No not really, but never mind eh?

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