Friday, 13 February 2009

My beliefs are now confirmed.

For a while now I have been convinced in my own mind that society in itself has gone too far to ever recover. Where I work there are now families who have generations in them who have not worked since the late 50/60's. They have relied on the state for everything. It has all been provided for them, housing, food, schooling and great big 40+ inch LCD televisions. Their offspring have never seen their dad/mum ever go out to work yet they have always had £160+ Nike tracksuits given to them. They have never questioned where the money came from but just quietly accepted that they had it.

With the invention of TV people no longer had to rely on the "wireless" or conversation for entertainment. No longer did people have to open their mouths and speak in order to have stimulation, it was there on a box in front of them. People quickly developed favourite programmes and had to be inside for "Corry" Yes it has been running that long, nearly.. The neighbours who couldn't afford a TV were left outside with no-one to talk to. They wanted a TV but couldn't have one. They felt they were missing out, they couldn't watch tele and had no-one to talk to. Another level of divisiveness had been added to society. To compensate for the lack of ability to own one by legitimate means, the money to get one, or even to get one for free, the option was theft. Theft has always existed but avarice was rarely the cause. A look at history shows people stole to exist and feed themselves. The taxman and highwaymen were the exception but low level theft was usually purely to exist.

Please don't get me wrong this is going somewhere, just bear with me.

Anyway the idea of theft in order to gain worldly goods and not just to survive becomes "acceptable" amongst the people who have forgotten how to work. Society starts to teeter a little, this is a new addition that wasn't expected. Various things that were deemed as unacceptable in years past also start being eroded, children no longer respect adults. People no longer think if they can afford to have children prior to trying (we have moved 20 years forward now). They think that if they have one it will escalate the process of getting a place of their own and a couple of extra pounds a week. No-one in their family has worked for 20 years and they have accepted that this is normal. The last person in their family who can remember working passes away and now there is no longer anyone within their collective who can remember ever earning a living. Lifestyles change and the associated responsibilities that used to exist are now forgotten. The neighbours no longer speak to them, they are too busy watching "corry" and now everyone has a TV so no-one needs to talk to anyone outside the same room anymore.

Minor disagreements that could have been resolved by knocking on a door suddenly become massive issues. People can't talk to each other anymore because they have forgotten how to. They have never needed to resolve things for themselves because there has always been someone who they can call. Ghostbusters, Social Services, their mum or heaven forbid, the police. For those of you who do the job how many early morning "domestics" have you been to between mother and offspring who won't get up for school? There is no longer the element of "wait until your father gets home" because he is still in bed sleeping off the 10 cans of Stella Aktatwat he drank last night. People will openly air their dirty laundry in public now. We are in the 21st century by now and texts and e-mails, all paid for by benefits, have now taken over from physical or verbal confrontation. If people now want help from someone they only have to phone and someone will come. 999 is free so guess who gets called the most as most of them never have credit on their mobiles. They are now blatant in the fact that they no longer have the social skills necessary to lead their own lives. Their fellow socially incompatible are in the same boat. They too don't realise that booting someones front door in because they were looked at whilst in the off license, is not acceptable. They kick the door in, give the "dis respecter" a bit of a shoeing and leave with what ever they bought from the offy. The police are called because 999 is free and another aggravated burglary/robbery (depending on the current months counting rules) is recorded.

Family life has degraded to the point of no return in many inner city urban areas. This is not a government statistic it is based on personal knowledge. A child turns 16 and leaves school to pursue a life of, well not really sure at all. Another one has been in the making for the last 9 months in order not to lose the child benefit, that is why we have single mums with 9 kids from different fathers who allow their offspring to have kids at the age of 13. Wonder what benefits will now go into those households. Increased sex education in schools- NO, A dramatic re-think of the benefit culture-YES. (PLEASE).

Long rant but that is my theory, all other suggestions gladly accepted.


R/T said...

What an absolute belter! Thank you thank you.

Whichendbites said...

This story and the follow on from the Shannon Matthews incident only go to show how much the society that form a great deal of our custom have put themselves into the spotlight. It could be a slide down the slope by society or it could be that anything remotely sensational hits the headlines. The young age of the 'father', if true, only goes to show another insight into more irresponsible parenting. Who, I wonder, will pick up the pieces ?

Hibbo said...

Why is such a huge proportion of police resources lavished on the section of society that least needs or deserves it?

Constable said...


because we are impartial when on duty. Perhaps not so much when telling people about it unofficially.


Spitting Feathers said...

I think the young father should be questioning whether the child is indeed his, and look to having some DNA testing done. The appropriate forum for this should of course be the Jeremy Kyle show.

Anonymous said...


They may be lazy smelly social claiming shite but they know how to shout and those that shout the loudest get the attention. That is why.

Sage said...

Brilliant observation.... when can we vote you in as PM?

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Cathy Came Home

Granny on the Web said...

Couldn't agree more. My husband and I are 68 and 72 and afraid to go out after dark. We were brought up thank goodness respecting ourselves and we have passed on these morals to our children... never been on benefits.
We grieve for the generations coming up now who will never know better than how you describe their life. I doubt there will be a change for many a year; too late for us to do much but the likes of yourself hopefully will be doing your bit to change the disaster now afflicting the young.
Sorry to go on a bit, this is a topic well aired amongst us older ones.
Love Granny

Lakeland Jo said...

I think you are pretty well spot on. Depressing isn't it?

Lakeland Jo said...

Ps- your blog is great- really interesting to read

MP9000 said...

Nail on the head sunshine. What you forgot (or more likely didn't know), is that there are now scum couples in their late forties, knowing that the youngest gobshite is now nearing sixteen, that are applying for AND GETTING fertility treatment on the NHS in order to keep the freebies rolling in. Seriously, I KNOW of a couple who have ten children and are now making number eleven courtesy of the NHS. We have got no chance of reverting this. It's impossible.

Anonymous said...

why should they work, they have it made.
We walk because we cannot have enough food in our mouths, then the ass was conscripted to carry more,then the the dog was encourage to herd the game to us for easy pickings, on and on until now we can sit and get all the food and pleasures of it delivered without any pain of work, A description of heaven/ Eden at home.

Merlin said...

Great blog - just discovered it.

Anyway: post is spot on, IMHO. Especially the part about the loss of communication skills, and the way this accelerates social breakdown.

I think, in my darker moments, that there is, indeed, no way to turn our bus around now; that it will crash (in our children's lifetimes, if not our own), in a most unpleasant fashion.