Thursday, 19 February 2009


I'm sitting at home watching Playhouse Disney again. I have not been home at this time since Sunday and then I had to make a sudden dart to the local walk in centre when my 8 year old tripped on something indescribably small and hit her head on the TV stand. 3 hours later and 6 butterfly stitches later and we were back home. Straight to bed then for all of us.

My nearly 2 year old is bathed, dressed and just having a final charge about as we don't have to get up in the morning with it being half term. The 8 year old is next door with her friend for the next 20 minutes after being there since 6. She has had her tea there and is safe and looked after. I know exactly where my children are.

Last night I was in a different world, or so it seemed. There were kids everywhere all causing mayhem and chaos. It seemed that fire was the order of the day as numerous skip fires were reported followed by a nasty one that could have set a number of adjoining properties alight. Luckily the water fairies were prompt and all was well.

Anyway after digressing I was only too aware of the number of children out and about at night. It was only 8 PM as it is now but there were numerous kids about of only my eldest age. What is an 8 year old doing out in February at this time of night? In fact what is a young child doing out at night at any time of year? What do their parents think? I know that I wasn't allowed out properly by myself until I was about 15/16.

As I was on my way home at about 1:30 in the morning all I could see was kids in the regulation black clothing still hanging around. What are their parents thinking? I would be beyond myself if my daughter was out at that time. As in my last post I believe that parents no longer see children as a product of future generations they are simply a means to supplement their "wages". This has become a popular term amongst the underclass and they even relate to the day they receive their benefits as payday. On various occasions they have even told me that they pay my wages though they have never worked a day in their life.

Children, when you have them, become the most important thing in your life. They consume all your free time which you give willingly. When out shopping there is always something that catches your eye and makes you think that J or G would like that. They dramatically change the way you live your life, late nights and lie ins become a thing of the past. Anyway where was I? I have now given up the age old routine of the police taking children home unless they are specifically at risk. I have lost count how many times I have knocked at the door with bedraggled waif in hand to ask if they knew that their child was out. The usual reply was something along the lines of so what? As the gutter rat then runs off to "play" again. In the days where I knew no better I would be constantly amazed at how far social services could be pushed before they would become involved. Kids in a house that smelt of weed with both parents out of the game on drink and weed. Rugrat in filthy nappy crawling around at 2 or 3 in the morning. Police called by a concerned neighbour and walking into a den of iniquity. No family member willing to assist with the child and no way that the parents could look after the child. Police Protection Order duly issued by the Inspector and after a few hours social services turn up at the nick and listen to what you tell them. The next day the poor child is back in the same environment enduring the same treatment as it has been deemed a "lifestyle choice". How does a 2 year old choose to live in a house where it is only seen as a further income or a mistake? The choice isn't theirs to make.

Sorry If this post seems self righteous or judgemental but you can't mess about whilst bringing kids up. You only have one chance.


Anonymous said...

Quite right, why should the great unwashed be allowed to breed decent people out of existence?

Dark Side said...

You continue being self righteous if it means writing a post like this that makes total sense, sad though it is...xx

Annette said...

There are always young kids out, because their parents are up the pub.
We,ve seen them out at 1P.M.