Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Good Cop, bad press.

Following my last post about how the people who police the police will hound you I read this and struggled to believe it but then again it came as no surprise.

How many such cases are going on at this time. Stressed Out Cop is running a story about a bad cop who got what he deserved. This officer has been cleared by the courts, now the disciplinary proceedings follow.


Annette said...

My god, you just can't believe it, can you?
If anything it was self defence.
And that young lad not turning up because he's on the run???
Someone, somewhere has got to make sense of this mad world we now live in.

Anonymous said...

This country and this system has taken leave of its senses, clearly.
This sort of thing has gone on before, the good one being labelled as "bad". The system has become "perverted" and twisted, as if an evil curse has been cast upon it....maybe by the very devil himself.

Some may scoff in disbelief, but he did walk upon this earth until December 2004, when he was BUSTED by the good cops, for his vile crimes against kids. He had a heart attack, because he was a big fat Pig, and the stress of being banged to rights was too much for him to cope with. What a blessing!

Thankfully his many surviving victims were spared the ordeal of having to go to court and give evidence against him. His death due to a heart attack, saved some people from a further ordeal, and no doubt saved their lives too, because that PIG was very dangerous and ruthless. Others who had tried to bring him to justice just didn't survive long enough to see it through. Chris Jons R.I.P and his brothers - North Wales Child Abuse Inquiry in the 1990's.

The Pig [and this is NOT meant as an insult to ALL the police] was an abusive baddie who pretended to be "good". He hid for years behind a police uniform, smearing the names of the good ones, his victims of abuse. He hijacked the letter which gave the concept for the Child Protection System, and took the credit for it in the media. Bad Cop getting "good" press. The "good" people like Chris Jons, who challenged the abusing Pig, was smeared in the system records and in the press by the Pig, the Beast.

Myself, the undercover "good cop", who wrote the letter to kickstart the Child Protection System, as part of a long term Op, also got smeared and given a bad name. Initially in the press, as an unknown child victim of abuse, who was maliciously blamed for the crimes committed by "bad cops" and members of the judiciary in the 1950's. They were taking the children of the poor off the streets, to abuse them, and I did blow the whistle on them at the time. The truth was covered up.

Later the smears started to appear in NHS and other government agency records. And many government agency employees just lapped it up and took it as the "word of God".
I was persecuted and treated like something one wipes off one's shoe. The smears were complete nonsense, and it still is utter nonsense, as the government do appear to be very reluctant to have the truth told about this case, officially, openly and honestly. So thank God for your blog and others like it Constable.

I too am a bit "confused" by this upside down crazy world, whereby the good people get slagged off and given a hard time, and some of the baddies are hiding behind cloaks of respectability.....And some of the baddies, who do get caught by the good cops, often get off with a lenient punishment, a light sentence, even if at all....

You are confused? I am confused by this madness, which parades itself as British Law and Order.