Thursday, 12 February 2009

Pleased as punch.

Sorry for the wrong picture, I am still getting used to this. Annette and R/T sorry for the misunderstanding and hope that Annette, your BP is still ok. (added @09:10 13/02/09).

This will only be quick as I am really tired after just getting in off nights.

I have the fortune/misfortune of being a tutor constable. 6 weeks of babysitting takes it's toll and you do eventually get sick of showing new officers the ropes and complimenting or constructively criticizing their role in that incident. They have to learn just as I did and someone took the time to teach me so it is only right that I do the same.

At an incident last night she like me was dreading the scene. There was a report of numerous victims with injuries and complaints of assault, violence and general mayhem. We are dispatched with blue lights to 6 Notgreat Crescent. Other patrols also call to back up. In the end all 8 of us who were on duty to look after the 350 000 people who reside in our area were at the address. I haven't worked with her for a while and don't know how she has developed. I knew she was efficient as she was so switched on during her tutor period and never had to be taught anything more than once.

Anyway, the initial call turned out to be grossly over exaggerated and in effect all there was in this terraced house was one male with a bloody nose. He was off his head and clearly in a drug and booze fuelled state. He was offering to fight anyone because he had got blood on his already filthy black nike tracksuit and suitably grey nike t-shirt. He wasn't listening to anyone, police, girlfriend or friends. He turned to my colleague and told her to go forth and multiply as he wasn't telling no officer what had happened or how he had come to sustain his injury. He told her again and to re-enforce this pushed her away. I could not believe how quick she moved! Using his body strength to assist her she deftly turned and next thing he knew he was on the floor. The coke in his body caused him to struggle a lot once he was there but with another seven of us he was going nowhere.

Once he was cuffed and secured she then re-adjusted her uniform and spoke to the rest of the group including the female who had made the call. Advice was given and lots of people walked out with their tails between their legs. The house was left with just one sole female occupier. Another gent who decided to verbally abuse us from about 100 yards away and wake further people up in the street by his offerings of violence was subsequently surprised by how fast most of us can run ( I am 39, smoke too much and could probably never ever be classed as fit) was locked up for S.5.

The end result was my former student officer dealt with a volatile situation, subdued an aggressive male and then sorted the rest of the situation out using little more than her mouth and the defence techniques used in training along with a good dose of common sense. She is not even close to her two years yet.

The end result, one male arrested BOP and another S.5. Not a great result that will ever ever be known publicly but a heart warming moment for me as she later told me that using what she had learned from me along with what she had observed other officers doing had started to form her own particular style of dealing with things. She also told me that she was once part of the British Judo team which did explain a lot. Having seen her actions I have no reason to doubt that.


Annette said...

That picture makes my blood boil.
Why don't they go back 'home' although they will say this is their home.
Why don't they show their bloody faces?
Sorry I'm ranting a bit, but it's because of that picture!

R/T said...

What's with the picture of Laura?

Constable said...


This is to remind everyone not to post when tired. Wrong picture! Don't know Laura and have just looked at blog. Sorry oops!


Constable said...

Unreserved apologies to posters, picked the wrong picture. I do not work in the south and have never met the officer in the original pic.

Will really have to view the blog before publishing and going to bed.

Annette said...

We all get tired, don't we?
Anyway, I was ranting ,cause I wasn't in the best of moods, so sorry about that as well.

R/T said...

Hey - no probs. Love the blog, btw. Oh - Laura is the Wpc in the pic. I used to work with her a lifetime ago!