Monday, 2 February 2009

Just a little thought.

This is just a little thought after the last four late shifts of chaos that have reigned in Notgreatside.

In normal life people avoid trouble like the plague. They will cross over the road to avoid a conflict or confrontation. I believe this is normal human behaviour.

My role however (I'm not complaining, I choose to do it) involves getting to the conflict/confrontation/waste of time as fast as I can. To facilitate that we have vehicles which have been modified to assist us in our quest to avoid being normal people. We have equipment fitted that allows us to part traffic and continue to hasten our way to possible destruction, well injury or grief or even worse more paperwork. Not knowing what we will find when we arrive, we cunningly cut a swathe through traffic desperately trying to find out what the hell it is we are going to other than an address. Now my hearing is pretty good but when you are being deafened by sirens and concentrating on not crashing I may miss the occassional snippet of information. Therefore sometimes I may arrive at at job and not have heard a word other than the brief circumstances that were originally relayed on the initial shout for a patrol on the radio.

The overall point of this post is to say that you have to be slightly different to be a police officer. You act against the body's natural defences of self preservation by placing yourself in conflict due to your role and to assist you in getting there faster you even have added gadgets to aid your possible self destruction. Especially good fun in the snow.

For the narrow minded ones who will assume that different equals better, I don't think that. In your case you could substitute different for strange if it makes you feel happier. I personally think that strange is a better word to use.

Think I will go for a lie down now and forget about my job until Wednesday.


Dark Side said...

You do write very well, I look forward to more soon, have a good few days off..x

Grumpy Old Ken said...

I'll be very interested how your blog developes. (Not teaching grannie to suck eggs but don't feel you HAVE to blog every day.) Some of us find it too much. Re sirens, I've had ambulance drivers gesticulating at me. They don't seem to appreciate you are not all ways sure from which direction the sound is coming. Might be an age thing!

R/T said...

GOK - don't read evry day then! Simple, huh?