Tuesday, 12 May 2009

I am not too bright.

Please excuse the last post, it was done without proper referencing and now I feel a right Woppa.

Anyway, back to bloody application and how do I now evidence planning and organisation?


BenefitScroungingScum said...

Don't worry mate you can join my 'I blogged before I brained' group ;)

James said...

It was an easy conclusion to jump to, given current events. Unfortunately the reality is worse.

Constable Confused.com said...

Have actually just read it on planet police and I think I have been a double biff. I didn't realise that HOEY was an MP as well.

I am now seriously confused and off to sit in a darkened room and look at fish!


Dark Side said...

I had just clicked on the last post as you deleted it...that is something I have done myself in the past too though so completely understand..xx

Vetnurse said...

Don't worry about it all politicians congeal into a messy sludge. I am first in the foot in mouth que. Look at me and your St Georges day post :-D
By the way can l borrow some fish.

Constable Confused.com said...

course you can but not sure how to send them. I bought some pondsnails from E-bay and they are doing OK if that helps.


Area Trace No Search said...

Did I miss something...?

Come on, share.

Constable Confused.com said...


Kate Hoey v's Speaker of the House Of Commons, made a monumental tit out of myself, deleted it but not before Planet Police grabbed it.

Bugger. It's gone now though!


Constable Confused.com said...

Oh cock,

just looked and it is still there underneath this one.

What's the number to call for emmigration to somewhere that has no internet access yet? The only way to stop me from being a woppa.

Dandelion said...

You're not alone. I thought "HOEY" was a bad kind of lady, though I guess that's not so different from "MP" these days.

Blue Eyes said...

Sorry CC.Com but yes, you got it wrong. Hoey was spot on - she was saying that the police have better things to do than investigate a leak of information that by all rights should be in the public domain anyway.

Never mind, only a few million people read Planet Police hehe. But seriously don't worry about it who cares if you got your ends mixed up a bit? We still come back for more :-)

Annette said...

Oh, you poor man.
I do not know the one you refer too and I went to Planet Police but all I found was this one.
But please don't worry about it, I have written some awful blogs and I published them and then thought twice and deleted them, but by then it was too late really, everyone had seen them.
It was done out of sheer anger, and that is the last thing you should do.
Do not write/blog when angry.
So, your not the only one, we've all done it.
Bless you.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I'm not too bright either!
I can be a right "plodder", a bit of a tortoise, but slow and steady often wins the race, even if at times I can be a bit slow on the uptake. Some of the time however, I am on the ball, as I'm sure you are too C.C, more often than not.
It takes all sorts to make a world C.C, so don't go beating yourself up, please. We can all jump to hasty conclusions, especially when tired or stressed out. And also write things when feeling angry, that we later wish we hadn't, but cannot take back. Like ranting comments on certain police blogs!...Therapy, plus even more therapy, and luckily the most angry rants got deleted anyway. ;0)
We can ALL be too hasty to make judgements on stuff sometimes C.C.
The darkened room with fish sounds very nice. Room for one more?

Kate Hoey MP was on Sky news earlier on. She revealed that the Speaker HAS BLOCKED a number of "questions" being asked in the House of Commons. Comments are being made, that the Speaker needs to be completely impartial, and this one, unfortunately is not.
Which makes him "not too bright"!

Best wishes,


TWINING said...

PC Confused, how are the fish in that darkened room. Any room for 2? Tea?

Anonymous said...

Oi Twining...Shouldn't that be "Room for 3"? As I asked him first. Tea would be lovely.
I'll brew up with pleasure!


TWINING said...

No, OK tea for three? Can I delegate the task to you?

Constable Confused.com said...


I fear that the fish too hold me in contempt. Despite my efforts to bribe them with the finest daphnia they refused to soothe me instead choosing to remain stationary. The darkened room was a sanctuary though.

I shall arrange said tea and update you with the date once the delegation has been completed.


TWINING said...

Ahh Constable Confused I feel we must now set up the Police Bolggers Association. What say thee?

I have asked Inspector Le......... You know; he, you, I, ASNT, MCM. We could be formidable, not that we are not formidable at present.

TWINING said...

Should Read "bloggers." Any room for me in that room?

Constable Confused.com said...

Count me in.


Anonymous said...

Alrighty then C.C....A "boys" club, "watching fish" in a darkened room. Things must be bad.
When fish remain stationary it may well be a sign that they are in fact dead!
A darkened room - back to the womb.

Twining - I am just about the best tea brewer, ever!