Friday, 29 May 2009

Totally Random.

Well it is no longer in my hands.

The dreaded application form has finally been submitted. What happens next is no longer up to me.

On a much much lighter note I saw this and couldn't help but you know,,,, respect. What dedication.

Random post I know but thought it worthy. (Yes I'm a muppet). As so many of the comments on the original article say the love of a mother. Where in society did we all go poo?


Dandelion said...

Lovely. But do you really want to know the answer to that?

Annette said...

What a lovely story. I suppose it's just natural for a mother to protect their young.
Didn't know they could do that though.

Anonymous said...

Now are you really such a "muppet" C.C? I don't believe so. Had your confidence bashed, is a more likely description of you, along with overworked, stressed and oppressed by stupid government rules and policy.

As for where did we all go "poo"?
The answer to that is way back in the mists of time. Some may laugh and call me a nutter, but I no longer actually give a toss, so I will tell you where it all went poo. Are we sitting comfortably?

It all went poo a very long time ago, up in Heaven, when an arrogant Angel named Lucifer considered that he was in fact as powerful as the Lord God Almighty, who created him and in fact the whole universe. Lucifer, aka Satan, decided to challenge the authority of God and caused a rebellion in Heaven. Lucifer said that he was more powerful than God and that he could get more humans to worship him instead. God cast Satan out of Heaven to "rule" over the earth for thousands of years, where a battle for souls was to take place, to see who was the more powerful.

Satan incarnated many times in physical form to do his worst, to corrupt humanity, and the religeous teachings, to claim their souls in the battle. Satan's plan was to totally destroy humanity and God's creation, planet earth, which had once been a paradise for all living things. Satan very nearly succeeded in doing just that, and his supporters still work for that aim. To destroy the earth via Nuclear power and weapons.

Part of Satan's plan was to destroy the loving bonds between family members, so he set about to use government policy to undermine the family, parental authority. To create as much suffering as possible, he also introduced lies into some of the main religions, so that women, mothers, would be dominated and oppressed by men. Satan also introduced misinformation about gays into the religions, so that they too would be persecuted and hated. He set about to turn people against each other in conflict, brother against brother, nation against nation in endless stupid wars and violence.

God's way and will for the human family, is peace, love and forgiveness. And an END to all wars, now that God's Angels have conquered and chained that dark fallen angel named Satan. He's gone, chained for a thousand years. We, society, can now start to heal, if we surrender to the will of The Lord God Almighty, the creator of Heaven and Earth.

Vetnurse said...

Lovely story there CC thanks and as to muppet not sure what makes you say that?.
I was wondering if whoever was to help, possibly jamming something into the gutter to save mum the trouble next time.

We went poo when god flushed the loo.

Anonymous said...

Old post I know, but I heard something on the news and thought...Oh POO! What utter shite and nonsense, yet again from this government. It is yet another idea from Mr Balls, which will no doubt cause chaos and injustice.

That "bright spark" has come up with the idea that the parents of children who mis-behave should be jailed. This government, and the previous one, having UNDERMINED teachers and parents authority over children, giving kids too much power over adults; NOW wishes to lay the blame for undisciplined kids, on their parents. Parents who are AFRAID to properly discipline unruly kids because of the Stasi like role of Teachers, Social Workers, and Health officials, who are ready to jump on parents heads and accuse them of "abuse" for even shouting at a kid.

Government are insane saboteurs of family life, communities and society as a whole with their ill considered policy, rules and regulations which DO NOT HELP PEOPLE ONE BIT. If kids are unruly and undisciplined it is because parents have been too scared to be firm and make sure that THEY win the battle of wills with children, even if that includes a slap.

A slap will teach a naughty kid that they have gone too far, and to not do it again. That parental right to ensure kids behave has all but been removed by ill considered government meddling in family life.

Government would do well to RESTORE the rights of parents to discipline children, and to abolish the law that says just laying a hand on someone is an "assault". Parents, teachers and individuals need to be supported if they are faced with an unruly, out of control child. Instead the state threatens to prosecute them. What nonsense, and they wonder why it has all gone poo! And they try to blame the parents. Such hypocrisy, it makes me sick, and rather annoyed by the stupidity and deceit of this NuLabour government.

What did the people of this country ever do to deserve such a shower of idiots and crooks? They give the decent Labour MP's a bad name.