Friday, 24 April 2009


This was meant to be a comment on WPC Bloggs blog but it developed. It was meant to be a reply to MTG.

I don't normally counter his comments but on this occasion he riled me. I am not nor ever will be your servant. I swore an oath to the Queen upon my appointment, she is the only person who I am sworn to serve. Please read the oath of attestation if you don't believe me.

The nonsense about me being a servant to the public is a fallacy contrived by successive parliaments to try to appease society. If I am the servant of the people how do I then become able to arrest people who abuse/assault me when there are no other persons around? Who am I serving then? I am a servant of the Queen.

Please don't get me wrong if someone needs help from me I will do my best to do that. Not because I am a servant to the people but it is my sworn duty to do so, a role which I still choose to do.
I thought I would never mention it again but G20 has aroused all sorts of nonsense that has people believing the spin, claiming brutality etc, etc, you know what I am talking about as will other readers. Please get over it, officers (who were acting in accordance with the oath they swore) will suffer the consequences (heaven help them in this day and age), nothing else will change in practice. Lip service will be paid to whatever nonsense that is changed and the rest of us will continue to do the job we know how to do. They were fulfilling their oath, the peace clearly wasn’t being kept. Government may have changed but the principles haven’t.

Just out of interest, non police who comment frequently, if I were to hand you my equipment and a stuffed bag full of forms. Included in this package would be the keys to a powerful car that you would be expected to cut your way through traffic in order to serve your oath to the Queen to assist someone who has dialled 999. All the time you would be constantly receiving updates as well as trying not to crash. Your adrenaline would be flowing from the auditory inputs coupled with the hazards you encounter on the road. The end result, you arrive at the job with all senses sharply charged and keenly attuned. Once there you either: fight, stop people from fighting or decide that the 78 year old male/female who has just had some scrote burst into their house and really needs some sort of reassurance which is willingly given and beyond. Of course there is the other 90% of calls from the socially disfunctional who know that they get their wages every other Thursday and fight in between. Could you differentiate what is real or not? Before you criticize could you do it? Thought not.

This would be the same psychological state that the officers in London would be under, a pushing, abusive and potentially violent crowd. You only have to see one of the videos of a serial of officers being crowded against a wall by an overwhelming mass of people. Is striking a few of them to regain the streets wrong? I will leave it up to you to decide.

This is not a personal attack on anyone but merely a grounded response to people who will openly criticize without the full understanding. I have never to the best of my knowledge acted impartially or unfairly to anyone. I do have opinions and views, I am only human BUT they never get in the way with work.

People stop thinking that we are your servants, we will willingly help you but we can also be your scourge. Government don’t like the scourge side but where I work if you need robust policing you will be at the end of it, no excuses from me. This is widely appreciated from the unspoken majority of my area and no doubt the effect is countrywide. Though I can’t speak with any authority on this.

The end of this post is merely to highlight that we are all human. We are all affected by emotions and situations and react accordingly. The only difference is police officers do know when to stop where as a portion of the public don’t, you never saw an officer going back to give a farewell kick, push, baton strike or stamp to any of the protesters and by the way we do get frightened as well at times, we are only human. Self preservation still exists in us.. I have been inundated with e-mails showing alleged police brutality at the dreaded events in London. What I have seen from my point of view is officers dealing with situations as they seem appropriate, no-one else knows the thought processes going through these officer’s heads. They would have been considered but apparently aren’t acceptable. Read earlier about adrenaline and auditory inputs, oh not forgetting a non-compliant mass of people in front of you.

Anyway I shall never mention London events again and hope that all police bloggers will do the same. In all effects the arse has been kicked out of it and it is now boring.

Dr Melvin T Gray I do not wish to offend you and this is not a personal attack on you, oh my eight year old has just showed me a top hat she made from silly foam, must go and be a dad again.


Stressed Out Cop said...

G20 has plenty left to roll I fear - but I agree it's pointless to go on about the use of force argument. Let the legal stuff play out for now.

Dandelion said...'re not familiar with Peel's principles then...

Constable said...

Yes I am. There is a two way flow of behaviour from the police and the public. This has broken down and still people believe that we are servants. Times have changed, the oath that I swore hasn't.


Dr Melvin T Gray said...

You have a right to a view that police are not holders of public office and are not (for all practical purposes) accountable to the law. I will even defend your right to a view that police are no more the servants of UK citizens than they would be in a banana republic.

Virtual Supply said...

For the most part, I agree with you, and I agree too that most officers are simply out to do a job, then get home, family and sleep. Just some are in it for a jobsworth, feathering their career nests, some are in the force for a laugh, and it shows. Some however, or just a complete balls-up and should be sorted out.


Constable said...


I think a banana republic is a bit extreme. If that were the case you would have been hunted down many moons ago. (It's a joke).

Dr Gray, I have 2 kids, nearly 40, my own house and all the responsibilities that go with that. I also have all the nonsense in work that is government imposed to try and distance us further from the public. I still willingly choose to do it.

The promises that are made, policing pledge, victim charter and blueprint promises to name just a few, are in effect made up by people who have no real idea what parts of society are like. Oh, those people will be MP's who have their expenses and other monetary benefits whilst never experiencing the other end of their policies and think tanks.

I have found where I work that there are very few real victims. What I have found is a population of socially inept characters who have never and plan to never have a socially productive day in their life. It becomes a bit jading to be told by someone who has lived off benefits for xx number of years that they pay my wages after phoning us 999 when their offspring won't bother getting out of bed for school. Lights and music and when you tell them to grow up and take responsibilty for their lives they then complain about you and tell you that they pay your wages, again. To be perfectly honest it wears you down after time.

The genuine person who calls, as soon as you meet them oozes sincerity and some actually apologise for bothering you as they know you are busy. These people are the ones who you will do anything for and frequently do. Above and beyond what can reasonably be expected of you. I will be their servant as long as I can.

The rest of the dross who we encounter much more frequently will never receive the full effect yet they demand it to the n'th degree. The screaming banshee who has had an argument with her best friend and due to the local propensity for it the end result is a fight which she willingly took part in and lost. She then tries to get one back on her assailant and does the 999 thing. You advise her about her behaviour as she is still screaming and swearing. The end result she is removed to hospital to assist with her subsequent claim and a follow up visit to the hospital. Once arriving at the hospital you see her arguing with a staff nurse who states that she needs no treatment and she screams that it f'ing hurts and what does the fat f'ing slag expect her to do.The injury consists of well nothing at all really. She is having "panic attacks" (how common is that these days?) and demands attention. She then spits twice at the nurse and is subsequently locked up by me who was there trying to "serve" her to which she replies that she is the f'ing victim here.

This is just one of the many, many similar tales I could tell about our "customers" but there is no point as everyone in the job knows it already. As per the post I will never be their servant, I am not above the law but I have excemptions to it which I can use when necessary. In these occassions it is useful to remember what you swore to do, serve the Queen.

MTG I will defend your view to post negative comments about some things that you have an intellectual knowledge about but no actual knowledge of.

I remain somewhat loathe to admit it but if you are a genuine victim I will be your genuine servant but otherwise I will treat you accordingly and will just remember that my oath is the only reason I am with you.

Regards and sorry for the lengthy "comment".

Dr Melvin T Gray said...

I acknowledge your apparent sincerity and assure you that my reference to banana republic was an unintended thorn for you. However, in response to your assertion that I would be 'hunted down' were we living in such a state, requires a brief counter response. In spite of the award of CBE, it is now open knowledge that Mrs Chakrabarti is 'hunted down'. More Met police time is allocated to discrediting her than was ever wasted by Sir Norman during his personal Wikipedia project to enhance himself.

Although it may not be widely known, any police critic/reformist faces similar action. I have long been an embarrassment to W Yorks Police and in consequence there have been several unsuccessful efforts to discredit me and 'hunt me down'. These actions include attempts to link me with National Front and Animal Rights groups; coupling spurious excuses for investigations into my academic qualifications and appointments. Behind the scenes, police contact with a University Chair was exposed in a failed attempt to compromise my Masters degree. This misfiring torpedo only surfaced as a result of enquiries initiated by the Faculty, acting in good faith that erroneous police information had a sound basis in its purported intelligence. A serious debacle then ensued followed by customary police denials. Some years later, as a result of lawyer enquiries and FOI requests, a police file was exposed, some several inches thick, packed with falsehood, fabricated criminal records and innuendo. This atrocious concoction served no other purpose than harming me. It required intervention from a very senior Judge who was subsequently denied access to the original police material - becoming suddenly 'lost' amid 'unfortunate confusion with records of another Melvin Gray'.

Knowing standard excuses and hurried cover ups well enough, I trust you will forego the temptation to remind me that we are all human and make mistakes. Why these conspiracies are tolerated by citizens is about as amazing as the number of lessons from which nothing is learned.

Constable said...


I respect you, you respect me I think that this should stop here. What happened if it is true is outrageous and all du respect for standing your ground. Glad idon't work W. Yorks.


Noonday Sun said...

MTG speaks the truth, and he is not alone either. It is outrageous and disgusting that this type of police behaviour is possible.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God Dr Gray! That's one hell of a story about abuses of power, which sadly is nothing new. This sort of thing has gone on for over 50 years, to my knowledge. I'm not that ancient, but this sort of outrage was done to myself, as a child victim of serious abuse.

Yes, the baddies were cops and judiciary, and a shrink thrown in for good measure. There were Social Workers in the paedo ring too, but I didn't have any contact with them personally. I was however made aware of the fact, [as were the Home Office] by a boy named Chris Jons, at a "gathering" for victims of abuse in 1957.

I did blow the whistle on the baddies, at the age of 6 years old, to the Home Office, which brassed them off no end. [Probably both of them, with hindsight.]
In fact I was very lucky to have survived a scary ordeal of attempted murder and lived to tell the tale. The government of the day were not much help in 1957, but did authorise the long term police Operation Satan, for child victims to deal with the problem of child abuse when we grew up, which we did, eventually in our 30's. So I guess I didn't win the popularity contest there! [with the paedos]

A great pity though, that the Conservative government messed up in the late 80's and mis-directed the way the police had to work, and unfortunately also the Child Protection System concept. The letter which detailed the idea was hijacked by a vile abuser, who went on TV and took the credit for it, and the cheque. Then came NuLabour in 1997, and it all got a great deal worse.

My name has been blackened in systems records, some of which I do know about and have challenged, although not via a lawyer, so far.
It is very hurtful when people write a load of nonsense about one, especially if it is malicious.
I suspect that there must be some pretty nasty things written about myself that I don't know about, going on the attitude from certain quarters....Who really should know better, considering they know what happened to me as a kid special constable! People it seems, just love to make assumptions about others, or even make things up.

The reason nothing was done to help us kids in the 1950's, was because the judiciary have power and authority over the police.
The paedos in the judiciary were/are a law unto themselves and just did what they liked, knowing that no one would touch them for it.

One of the paedos from the 1950's was a Lord and a High Court Judge for God's sake! People found it hard to believe, but too many kids were all saying the same thing.
The paedos were untouchable, even by the Home Office. The Judge and his pervy pals smeared my name without mercy, because I blew the whistle on them. I survived only due to the intervention of a Royal Protection Officer and the help he enlisted from the S.A.S. Who did a swoop style raid on the paedos, found photographic evidence and then gave them an army style beasting, stripped them totally naked up on a mountain, warned them off, and left them there overnight, in Autumn, to find their own way down in the dark, naked and with no shoes! They did accept a "Caution" which stayed on their records.

They had their revenge for that "justice" for children, by discrediting me in the systems records. I think they even blamed me for the fact that THEY abused me. It made me very angry as a child, to know that they literally got away with sexual abuse and murder. The so called "great and the good" right at the top of the ladder, living a pretence of being oh so "good", righteous and better than the so called common man, or woman, for that matter.

They were cruel, callous and evil men, who forced kids to do unspeakable acts under death threats to their victims and their families. They called female victims of their vile abuse "whores". Outrageous behaviour on their part, which did come out in the North Wales Child Abuse Inquiry in the 90's, but NOT ONE was brought to court. Surprise, surprise.

But the ringleader, who was THE most vile, disgusting and vicious BEAST that ever walked this earth, was brought down [Dec 2004] by some VERY BRAVE COPS, from the West Yorks and North Wales forces.
Heroes every one.

And what did David Blunket do? He swept it under the carpet and covered it all up....including the fact that THE BEAST was an abuser and murderer. He raped and beat to death my sister Lynne Whitely, in 1956, and the Home Office, or more likely No10, just ignore that fact, as if it does not matter.

She was only SIX years old.

I swore an oath to serve Queen and Country, a very long time ago. I was also very determined as a kid, that one day, when I grew up, I was going to do something to try and stop all the abuse being inflicted upon kids. Some people however set out to undermine me and that mission, to their shame.

I cannot recall the exact wording of the oath I swore in the 50's, before I went undercover, but I'm sure the words used were to "serve" Queen and country......

But that does not mean that the government, nor the public, are entitled to treat me like a worthless 2nd class slave, or "whipping girl", who they can blame for all that ever goes wrong.