Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Now the potential for even more nonsense.

My apologies for the link firstly, Sky have changed the headline since I posted this.

I was not at G20, I am not currently under investigation (that I know of) and do feel for the family of Ian Tomlinson who unexpectedly died during the protests. I also feel for the officers under "investigation" by the press and the IPCC at this time. I hope I never fall foul but in this day and age it is all too easy.

I do however feel quite strongly about THIS

Get out, keep your ill informed noses out and leave the INDEPENDENT Police Complaints Commission to do their job. You appointed them now get on with it. For readers who don't know, no-one in the IPCC has any affiliation to the police thereby unbiased and impartial supposedly dealing only in facts.

I don't normally swear but it's the fucking idiots in parliament who the populace have voted for over the years who have in effect screwed this country up. I went to the local newsagent on the way home. He is of Indian descent and has lived and worked in the UK for 35 years. He was reading a headline and asked me where the country was going to end up. I told him honestly that I didn't know. Society is ruined, we certainly don't need a bunch of tossers in Westminster attempting,in their ignorance to diagnose what went wrong. You did you knob heads, and your predecessors by allowing this once great country to degenerate into the melting pot it is now. Other countries deal with the Human Rights issue and still maintain Law and Order. What is it you thick,isolated numskull's can't get into your heads to allow this country to do the same?

Sorry for the rant, fed up of people who know nothing demanding everything. No picture this time, too annoyed.


Anonymous said...

in every other walk of life, you'd need experience and expertise to get to a level of power like an MP.

Unfortunately now, most MPs are career politicians and lawyers. With little to no experience of anything else.

To make it even better we've got people who were the climate/anti-capitalism/anti-globalisation/etc protesters of their day in government. They may mean well, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

I switched on the TV yesterday and it was on BBC parliament, the HoC was nearly empty, they were discussing defence, or rather our alarming lack of it. Fox hunting, they're all up for, but for something real like defence, they can't even be bothered to show. Our current MPs have some seriously topsy turvy priorities.

PC Michael Pinkstone said...


Agreed. None of this has been unbiased. Even Auntie herself came out with bizarre, insidious phrases such as "Asthma sufferer Louise Hurst was appalled at how she was glared at by a mean-looking cop in a helmet."

Fucking "Asthma sufferer"?

Seems, yet again, that we take Human Rights so far that it's not anywhere remotely connected with reality, especially the cold, hard truth. The idiots in their towers are also rather detached from what is actually going on.

Nothing wrong with ranting!

Hogday said...

PC Michael P: I heard that two `pidgeon fanciers` and a `model railway enthusiast` were also frowned at by an armour plated TSG officer (who was once a butterfly collector) - it's an outrage.

Dandelion said...

Beautiful. Nice rant. Couldn't agree more.

Anonymous also makes a brilliant point. Cabinet ministers shouldn't be allowed in without proper, demonstrable expertise in their particular area. We've had idiots running the show for far too long.

Any thoughts on what can be done?

Dandelion said...

Ps PC Pinkstone, I presume you've never suffered from asthma, or known anyone who's died from it?

Twisted Fire Stopper said...

Hello CC, just found your blog! Anonymous makes the salient point, I feel.The modern UK government, of whatever shade, is made up of people who have rarely had a proper job (unless it was as a Lawyer), no Military Service, and very little experience of life outside student politics. I love the irony of fully paid up ex-members of CND now involved with updating Trident!
The G20 debacle is a result of Ministerial/ ACPO ineptitude, but you coppers will be the scapegoats

Area Trace No Search said...

Dandelion - I know plenty of Asthma sufferers, and have even attempted to resuscitate someone who had a severe attack before the arrival of LAS.

But I've never known anyone who has died of being glared at by a copper.
Asthma or not.

Which I suspect was PCMP's point.

Nice rant CC.

Annette said...

Been reading Dickiebo's blogs eh?

Anonymous said...

The best way to STOP even more nonsense, is to have a bloody good rant, on a blog, just like yours C.C, because the public, the press and the tossers in government do read these police blogs. It's quite clear that many cops who blog feel exactly the same way as you do. The public are totally fed up too, and Gordon Brown and his gang know it.

The government may well have some of the press and the media in their pockets, but not all of them, and people are waking up to the utter crap, coming from Westminster and its spin machine.

Please do not apologise for expressing your honest and heartfelt opinion, especially on your own blog C.C. Better out, than bottled up and dealt with by suppressing anger with booze.

Rant on my friend, and take example from Coppersblog, Insp Gadget and PC Bloggs.....many a heartfelt rant on those blogs over the past few years. All read by the media, who do have an influence upon public opinion.

Up with having a good rant!
Carry on Constable..... Rant for England please, and the police "service", and the public.
It will help your blood pressure to let off steam. That is health care of the positive kind.

And as for "what can be done" asked by Dandelion...MORE LOUD RANTING, more people standing up and saying, Oi, government this is not good enough. On yer bike!


Constable Confused.com said...


glad you could have a good old rant too!


Anonymous said...

C.C. ....Well thank you most sincerely, for the opportunity on your very excellent blog!
Always a pleasure....

Regards by return