Friday, 24 April 2009

Revolt in the ranks.

Apparently PC Plum is leaving the much loved Balamory.

I have yet to have this confirmed immediately but the rumour is that PC Plum is about to leave Balamory in order to further his career. I have heard that he has applied for a wildlife officers post in the Western Isles.

My first thought was Noddy as he is already well versed in the law that does not involve PACE. I searched the interweb but could find no vacancies for Balamory Police.

My research was highlighted to the afternoon shift that was shortly about to go off duty as well as my shift that started nights yesterday at 21:00 hours.

The end result was there were approximately 15 reports through supervision expressing interest in the soon to be vacated role. Mine was included and though it would tear my heart to leave Notgreatside if Plummy's role became available, I would snap it up.

Not too sure how I would feel patrolling the area on my bike without my baton, he never seems to wear one but he is obviously very comfortable in his own abilities. I'm sure Archie could invent a non- threatening one that would only become apparent when the situation developed. Maybe when Josie Jump decided to jump on Miss Hoolie's head for never changing her clothes, or does my current location see the worst in people.

Anyway if I am successful I am sure that I will be happy following my new training in identifying flowers and birds, oh and having to deal with lost people and hedgehogs. I look forward to going round this island more than once or twice.

Pinkstone eat your heart out if I get it!


Dandelion said...

Good luck with that.

I don't think you will need a truncheon, because there aren't any f**ked up violent people in balamory.

I reckon we could all take a leaf out of their book.

Noddy said...

I might have to Mull over this!

Constable said...


you are so right, blog access? x


go for it I can see PC Noddy saying "fit like loon" to Josie and then being snotted. First assault police ever to be recorded in Balamory.


pc hawkeye said...

Balamory isn't as safe as PC Plumb would have you believe. It takes over an hour to reach most areas covered by him by car and at night there are no street lights, single track roads and big stags waiting around every corner.

Noddy said...


I loved it!

Constable said...


is your transfer in yet? My expression of interest is along with another one that can't be mentioned yet.


Noddy said...

Fortunately for me it's easy enough to disappear into the hill and glens any time, so the appeal isn't quite so strong!

... and anyway working in the Toon makes me all the more grateful to live in Teuchterland.