Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Without Honour by Robb WJ Ellis

In the last week or so I have had the pleasure of communicating with a truly fascinating individual named above. He is also responsible for the new look header on the blog and yes the bent car is a result of one of my pursuits recounted in an earlier post.

I would not normally be political in my posts but after reading this I couldn't help but think about the book that Robb kindly e-mailed me. He tells about the change in power in Rhodesia when it became Zimbabwe. He joined the Zimbabwe Republic Police shortly after and the book tells of his few turbulent years that followed. He succeeded operationally, you can't make these sort of stories up without having been there, also about how his development was suddenly brought to a halt. This was due to him being one of the few remaining white police officers in the new regime.

People fear that the UK is becoming a police state, oh you bloody fools if only you knew how wrong you are. The work of a police officer is stalled at almost every point once the arrest has been made. You have to get the subjects detention authorised when booking them in. Their welfare has to be addressed and heaven forbid one of them says that they feel depressed, result a police officer sitting on a chair outside their cell watching that they don't harm or hurt themselves, one less officer on the streets. There then comes the interview and dependant upon the outcome of that the resultant CPS "advice". This it seems is the major stumbling block, the evidence presented against the individual is questioned to the 'nth degree. During interview the accused states that he was with his mate (who he won't name) and he can provide him with an alibi. CPS then defer charging the individual until all possible attempts to trace the alibi have been made. Check all CCTV around the area, private and commercial, to try and identify the offender's mate. The end result is either NFA because it is the word of the officer and the aggrieved against a possible spanner thrown into the works at court. Remember it costs money to stage a trial. The list of obstacles goes on.

People want a return to years gone by. That will never happen. I can categorically state this without fear of contradiction. In those days people were arrested and charged and put before the court. This will never happen again. In those days the law was a black art and people respected the police. There may have been a few miscarriages of justice and yes a few people may have been executed in error but society was apparently better. I don't know I wasn't there. People yearn to have those days back but they don't really. They complain that the police are never there when they phone up about kids playing football in the street and it annoys them. They have forgotten that they used to play football in the street too They won't go and tell the kids to go away for fear of being verbally or physically abused. They can however rest assured that every ones human rights are protected These same people are always the ones that can't believe the miscarriages of justice that supposedly happen. How many people have jumped on the band wagon after the unfortunate turn of events following G20. Police brutality, murderers etc, etc you have all read the press. May Mr Tomlinson rest in peace, has he been checked out on PNC, was he so innocent as people believe? I don't know so how do the rest of society? At the end of the day, the state of society in Britain is due to it's society and government. People want everything but aren't willing to condone the measures necessary to get it. The laws ARE there to ensure that the country is run peacefully and offenders are brought to justice but the public don't like it. They feel oppressed and insubstantial when the law is enforced as per events in London. Would you walk slowly with your hands in your pockets if there was a dog snapping at your heels? I wouldn't. The people who complain about this will also want the police at their door yesterday when they phone about youths causing annoyance. You can't have both, the softly softly approach and a robust one to what suits you.

Will get the point over in the end...stick with me.

To include the title of this post I would like people to imagine themselves in a situation where they had no human rights. The political masters had authorised measures that would cause even the most blood thirsty individual to pale. Rape, murder, savage beatings and genocide, the bounds of which know no ends. All sanctioned by the state in order to further their own goals. Sanctioned brutality and atrocities are common place even encouraged by government. The duty cops turn up and immediately recognises that the place is a massive crime scene. He has authorities in his territory which officers in the UK could only dream about. He is armed and basically patrols in an armoured vehicle. He too knows what is right and what is wrong and polices accordingly. His powers are granted by politicians and he works according to those powers. He doesn't commit the atrocities but frequently has to pick up the remnants that are left by the armed forces that have. Can you imagine in the UK a crime scene that is being preserved, the crime is one of mass murder but in very high temperatures that hasten the decomposition. The smell is unbelievable. 20 minute stints is all a body can bear. The human body recognises the smell of it's own dead and makes you ill when you smell it. Anyway, the officer is trying to preserve the scene when all of a sudden the military turn up. They have been responsible for the atrocity and have heard that their deeds have been uncovered. They too are a political tool as the police are in the new republic but more powerful by government decree. They proceed to eliminate any crime scene by setting fire to it, job done. Petrol is a great crime scene eliminator. The police are dismissed after arguing that this is wrong but a higher power is involved.

I know I have been rambling and have probably lost the thread but it should mean something. People call for politicians to take a greater part in policing. Police should be more accountable to government and more highly regulated. I don't think this is necessary. It is just one small step to become a politically motivated police service and one that is a minuscule jump towards a real police state. How would the populace relate to that?

The columnist states that the police should become governed by politicians. I for one don't agree, we are bound by PI's, Charters and other nonsense that doesn't equate to the job we do. If we were then to become a political tool then initially even more people would lose even more faith in the "service". As people lost faith, greater civil unrest would surely follow. Would this then pave the way for the government to utilise the police to the true extent of our abilities? Would atrocities then become the norm several years down the line aided and abetted by the military?

As it stands the police are governed by their own sense of what is right, politicians and the humans rights bill. I know what is right and wrong, it is not a grey area. Allow us to become a state controlled entity with a failing government and who knows what will occur? A government that will not fail? The military will be next then martial law. You don't even want to dream about that. I have done military service in countries where in effect martial law was declared. It wasn't great.

Please excuse the disjointed posting I have too many ideas trying to burst out in just one post.


Anonymous said...

With respect, what makes you so sure, that this government have not ordered, or at least sanctioned the murder and convenient "disposal" of those they consider to be a threat to the leader and his "grand plan"?
Not to mention those that are considered to be a "drain upon tax payers money", like the poor, sick, the elderly and the disabled.
No government nor police enquiry into thousands of deaths by "lack of care" and/or "mistakes" within the NHS. Controversial but true.
This country has been inflicted with an unelected leader, who really could have been Stalin in a past life! One only has to watch and actually listen to the news these days.

Many years ago, an element of the so called "ruling elite" in the judiciary, considered the children of the poor to be "fair game", for abduction and abuse, and of course ultimate disposal, once they had "used" them. The justification stated for this callous attitude was, that "they were only peasants, and it keeps the numbers down, because they breed like rabbits".

People who have tried to stand up to this evil have been targeted by those who wish to maintain the status quo. Some were just ruined by smears, some disappeared, others were killed, deliberately, often justified as "accidents", or it was stated that they committed suicide, when they had not done that at all.

One of the tools of a corrupt regime of government and systems, is the use of smears to undermine the reputations of ANYONE who may, or actually does pose a threat to the leader, dictator, and the status quo of those who wish to maintain power and control over others. This is happening in the U.K. and has been for quite some time, but never before on such a scale as it is today.

There have been, and still are people within the police force who would very much like this country to become a "police state". They like the power they have over others. They like the idea of the current "culture of guilty until proven innocent", and the idea that every person should have their DNA on a database. They also like the idea of all the other databases which would store everyone's personal information, which the police would be able to access via their "partner agencies". The world, his wife, their extended family, their neighbours and their dogs![NHS]

Yes, Constableconfused, that is the slow and steady march of the Big Brother state, where the police treat the public with contempt. The rot has already set in, due to many people having been fooled, by a ruthless power hungry hypocrite and his long term grand plan, for over zealous Stalin- like control, over the free subjects and citizens of this country. Free subjects and citizens this current "leader" wishes to over control, over tax, over snoop upon, and also subject to his "New World Order". God forbid.

Police oppression of the public is not based upon how they are treated if they do something wrong and are arrested. Oppression of a free people by police has been clear for the whole world to see recently, in filmed attacks by certain officers upon innocent members of the public at peaceful demonstations. Just on the news, was a filmed incident of a police officer giving a young female member of the public a back-handed slap across the face, then a baton strike to her legs. And for what?
Having an opinion and demonstrating about it, lawfully.

We have police now armed with machine guns on guard at airports in the U.K. putting the fear of God into ordinary members of the public, many of whom feel intimidated by them. That is unnecessary. I don't want to have any kind of verbal "punch up" with you C.C, but please, be realistic about the slow creep towards a police state.
It is happening right under your nose. With the greatest respect to yourself, perhaps you cannot see it, because you are too close to it and cannot see the wood for the trees.

Minority Report Officer

Hogday said...

CC.com, we appear to have used the same picture to start our respective posts. A complete co-incidence on my part. I assure you. I'm happy to swap it.

john said...
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Constable Confused.com said...

For those of you who think my blog is a police state and I am deleting comments I foolishly posted under a different name, oops nearly outed myself then.

Anon/minority report officer,

thank you for your opinion but you and I will have to agree to differ on that one. From my experience those you class as a "drain upon tax payers money" flourish with vigour and seem to be on a mission to breed their providers, the tax payers out of existence. Please stop treating media reports as the truth, they frequently aren't. No hard feelings please.

Hogday, I shall go and find a new picture and defer to your experience, once again no hard feelings.


Anonymous said...

No hard feelings at all, but I know that what I have stated is accurate. The attitude of "a drain upon tax payers money" comes from the horses mouths on Coppersblog and elsewhere. I have done my research and in fact had many experiences, which do confirm some very bad attitudes within all government agencies.

I trust what I hear members of the public stating with great concern to the news media, and on blogs. The only way the public do actually get any satisfaction, over issues the police or govt, just want to sweep under the carpet, is by going to the media and informing the public of what has gone on.

Hillsborough is a current example of a 20 year cover up, because cops didn't want to admit that they made a mistake. Treating people as less than human, by any government agency, really is the slippery slope into an abyss.

No hard felings C.C but it does seem to me, that it is yourself who has been overly influenced by a prolonged and rather zealous media campaign, against anyone on benefits, the sick and especially single mothers. I do not condone reckless behaviour by some teenagers, who keep getting pregnant and rely on benefits to exist. What I take issue with is people who stick ALL single parents in the same "box", and who treat them with disrespect. People are human beings, not cattle.

In times past, the working classes, the poor, were considered to be simply "cannon fodder" in times of war, and useful in peacetime, to do the dirty manual jobs, that make life easier for the "ruling classes". That old attitude still lingers on, when in fact many a "gem" can be found amongst the poor and under privileged in our society. They are human beings. The miners were/are human beings, hard working men, who were oppressed by a ruthless government who USED the police to break them, at a cost of £11 Billion of taxpayers money.

What will this government stoop to in the near future, to get its own way over the issue of Nuclear power stations? Which are not actually in the national, nor global best interests. There is a glimmer of hope that has come out of the G20 troubles, and that is a review of police tactics on public order. Or should I dismiss that news report as nonsense?


Hogday said...

I very nearly swapped my pic for one identical to yours - this is getting too much. I may have to comment on your post and draw more fire away from you! But I can certainly see how government interference and an excess of legislation and cctv etc etc changed the job I joined beyond all anticipation. If I read much more from anon I may have to utilise my Canadian passport and head for the icefields.

Constable Confused.com said...

M.R. Officer,

by no means do I come from a privileged background, please see an earlier post. My upbringing was distictly working class with my dad working and my mum being at home. This equates to not much money to splash around.

I don't lump all people into social boxes but treat everyone as an individual. I work in one of the most socially deprived areas in the country (well up in the top 5) and mostly our encounters are with the poorest of people. You know, no carpets on the floor, dog poo covering it instead and children running round in a state of semi nakedness. They have benefits beyond belief but won't do anything for themselves.

Your comment about manual workers doing the lower jobs for the wealthy, society has moved on and during our current crisis there are few jobs around. Prior to the crunch there were plenty but people CHOSE not to work. Says alot about society when our migrant workforce is willing to work and still are whilst our own population will sit on their backsides doing nothing.

My friend we will obviously always have different opinions but the conspiracy theory that you present will not be one that I will condone.


Anonymous said...

C.C. I have not put forward any "conspiracy theory". I have pointed out that there are some very unpleasant people in this world, who do bad things. As a cop you should be fully aware of that fact. I don't believe that you live in La La land Constable, however I am aware of an institutionalised "tradition" within the force and government, of repeating the "It never happened" mantra; to avoid "difficult" press headlines and scandal which some believe would "undermine public confidence" in the police/judiciary/government.

Glad to read that you will not condone the obvious sleaze and appalling behaviour, I have described on your blog. There is hope for this country yet Constable!

Regards to yourself C.C

M.R. Officer

Anonymous said...

P.S. The fact that migrant workers have come to this country to work for less pay than a U.K. citizen would accept, is due to government policy. Out of a population of approx 60 Million people, only a small fraction of the fit and able have been unemployed and on benefits. There always will be lazy people who just cannot be arsed to make any effort. That type are also found IN jobs, where they just coast along marking time, doing as little as possible.

People have been brainwashed into electing the unemployed as the popular "whipping boy, or girl"....
This happened due to equality and discrimination laws, when it became illegal to be hostile towards cloured people, females, gays and the disabled. People, it seems need a "scapegoat" to blame for all the ills of society, high taxes etc, and to make themselves feel better, superior to the person, or group who have become "it", to be slagged off and persecuted. It used to be the Christians, 2000 years ago! So glad we have moved on from what they used to do to them!!!

Whenever I come across the type of people you clearly cannot abide, I always say to myself....There but for the grace of God go I.

I try not to judge the poor and disadvantaged in society, and feel grateful that I was not born into their situation. Not that I am one of the affluent rich who live in luxury. I come from a working class backgound too.

Regards again,


Constable Confused.com said...

M R officer

I never said I couldn't abide the people who don't work or those who claim benefits, they are the majority of my workload. What I can't abide is their absence of social skills.

I do struggle to come to terms with that.


Anonymous said...

Constable Confused. Well that was clear enough, thank you for explaining thoroughly. No "confusion" about that issue anymore!

By the way, did you hear on the news about the relatives of elderly patients who were "killed off" in a hospital, by the inappropriate use of medication?
The mind set behind some of these NHS employees is, that they are "ending suffering" of the patients, and saving the NHS money.
Playing at being God, in other words, with justifications of..."Always acting in the best interests of the patient".

Regards to you too my friend,


Anonymous said...