Thursday, 30 April 2009

The new broom.

Here we are again, the dump that is classed as ECHO 2/3 in my area has just got a new Chief Inspector. Fair does, following my last post he actually came on parade with us. I now know who my Chief Inspector is. I feel so relieved. He assured us that he was operational through and through and was not just filling his portfolio for his next promotion. Fair enough I thought, give him a chance BUT then the government inspired drivel couldn't help but come out. Compliance with victim......blueprint.....pledge etc all blurted out and it all went wrong. He lost all credibility. He asked who was a driver, looked at the states and said he was going to go on patrol with Con 9999. The officer in question was suitably underwhelmed.

Guess what, despite his promises he didn't go out. He has only been here a week and in all fairness has been on parade with all 5 blocks. He is vocal, dismissive and very self righteous. All I know is that I was begging and stealing from other areas to get cars to go out in. We do tend to break ours around here! Well we don't the offenders do. Come 5 PM he was out the door and did actually say hello to me. I then stopped him on the ramp to the car park and asked him lots. I said I wouldn't embarrass him in front of the block but asked him what he was going to do to change things. There is so much that needs changing and here was his chance to do it.
I am 39 coming on 40 and he is only a few years older than me. He then said that he couldn't do my job nor could most people above the rank of Sergeant. He also stated that despite response being the shitty end of the stick we were the general view of the police that most people held.

In light of my last post I felt somewhat justified in doing it. It however nailed just another another nail in the coffin of my belief that we are not even considered in the depths of the "Policing Pledge" we will just always be there to be abused by cancelled rest days and various other events that need arsing about.

I do report with not a little excitement that I do have several irons in the fire and come the end of May, I will have some respite. The longer term requires lots of typing.


Hogday said...

It would have been far better if he'd admitted he was a company man who'd bought into the bullshit, who would stick rigidly to the company doctrine for the sake of his own career - but would do his best to shelter you from the worst excesses of the madness and try to look after you as best he could. Honesty I could always handle. Insults to my intelligence would not be forgiven or forgotten.

Anonymous said...

Hello, just saying hello.

Anonymous said...

I could not agree with you more Hogday, although for my own sake, I do try to forgive those who have done me wrong, but I do not forget.

It does appear to be the unfortunate case that officers do appear to be there just to be abused, by government and the public, both of whom would be in a complete mess without the police and the often thankless but essential work they do.
People don't miss the water until the well runs dry.

I am glad to read that you have "Irons in the Fire" Constable, and that you will have some respite soon. You deserve it. Longer term - Lots of typing?
That sounds like a book in the planning, or a career change to full time office work. But isn't that "modern policing" anyway.....
Be gentle with yourself C.C. ;0)

There's going to be a "new broom" in North Wales soon, as Richard Brunstrom has announced his retirement, earlier than expected.
A surprise, as we thought he would be in office until December. Perhaps he's fed up of all the nonsense too. Some have given him a bit of a hard time, unfairly.
I for one, will not be happy to see him leave.


Vetnurse said...

My problem is it wouldn't occur to me to corner someone in pvt. I would grab them in front of everyone just cause they were!.
I guess it would help me if l learnt the respect part, l may step on less toes then.

Constable said...

With irons in the fire it wouldn't have helped me making an arse out of him in the parade room. I might need a signature soon!


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PC Plastic Fuzz said...

What Hogday said.