Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Ranting again!

More ranting,

bandwagon and jumping and stuff!

Fed up, with it all and wish that .........oh I can't tell you as I will then be deemed as not being politically correct. For Fucks sake, when people want robust action it isn't forthcoming due to yooman rights and stuff.

When robust stuff is required all of a sudden the musical feature is wheeled out.

Did you know managers in Mcdonalds get about £25 K a year.

Again, no picture can't be arsed, does anyone know the recruitment number for maccy d's. Too much politics in my job now, gonna get even worse soon. Ah well off to bed, only finished an hour and a half late today.

Just clicked further on the Sky poos website and I am frankly at a loss for words.............except fuck the lot of them. Don't get in a heated situation if you don't like fire.


Area Trace No Search said...

Don't get angry, get even.

As if...

PC Michael Pinkstone said...

Don't even get angry ...

No, that can't be right.

In the words of Quintus Arrius in the film Ben Hur. "Your eyes are full of hate, forty-one. That's good. Hate keeps a man alive ..."

Hate is a strong word, but the sentiment is fairly meaty. A good rant is somewhat liberating, and always flies in the face of NuLab's precious and measly-mouthed inaction.

Hogday said...

CC.Com, I hear what you say and may wish to challenge some of your views, perhaps we can resolve these issues with a frank exchange and perhaps re-adjust your perspective ? - Shit, fuck, bollocks,I must've hit my head. For a moment there I thought I was back in the Bumstead Pleece talking to a NuPleece fast tracked Inspector on a `how to manage challenging moments in human resource managment` course. Do forgive me.

tired said...


Tel: 020 8700 7007

McDonald's Restaurants Ltd
Central Recruitment Team
11-59 High Road
East Finchley
N2 8AW

Constable said...

Thank you tired,

will wait for the current debacle to be over then who knows.


Noonday Sun said...

The easiest way for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

Anonymous said...

And would your grumpy rant have anything to do with the news, that despite the cops having saved hundreds of lives at Easter, by foiling a serious "plot", the media are trying to imply that the security services "made a mistake"?

I bet it is.....and you said it for me C.C , as I do try not to swear, despite the provocation. My mummy always said that it just was not lady like! Bum, Shit, Bollocks! and yes SCREW the lot of them! Such ingratitude for the people who protect the public.

The cops actually save lives, HUNDREDS of lives in the North West, and what do the media do....They PISS all over that success, just because the suspects were crafty enough to have the evidence moved and well hidden, or disposed of due to a tip off.

Noonday Sun...quite clearly the evil men did not triumph at Easter, because the good souls DID something, and stopped them.

One just has to forgive the ignorance of the media, for implying that a mistake had been made, just because no one has been charged, yet. The Intelligence was good, accurate and credible.
The S.I.S and cops, PREVENTED mayhem and murder, at Easter. They should be thanked.

Perhaps some ignorant person is trying to use the "lack of evidence" to actually charge the 11, as a sort of political football to kick at Gordon Brown, or the credibility of the Intelligence. I smell political intrigue and deception here, and maybe just a bit of political arse covering by spin and red herrings.

If the media carry on trying to imply that the S.I.S, who had the Intel, made a mistake, they will be doing the people of this country a huge dis-service.

However, it may well turn out, that a certain Met cop who did make a silly mistake with his papers, allowed the suspects time to MOVE and hide the evidence of plots, which would have convicted them. And that would make even a Saint rant and swear.....


Anonymous said...

I feel like I need to rant again. I have ranted until I am sick and tired of it, and STILL the fools carry on as if the "message" isn't that important. The media say NOTHING and they keep it hidden from the public, unreported.

On Sky news last night, as they were doing the review of the newspapers, they pointed out an article in one of them, which said that a windfarm was going to be torn down and replaced with a Nuclear power station. North West, Barrow, I think they said. FOOLS.

The newsreader misled the public by stating that, "Nuclear power was clean and green ".
What a brainwashed ignorant knob head, and dangerous with it. The press are supposed to be the independent eyes and ears of the public, who help to PREVENT abuses of power.
The newsreader did go on to say that Nuclear was a very controversial issue, and how he would like to be there when they tear down the wind farm, and replace it with a Nuclear power station. No doubt the protests will make "interesting telly".

The Nuclear Industry is very powerful, with a great deal of money behind it, and a vested interest in furthering its own business of Nuclear energy. But it is a blatant LIE to state that Nuclear is "clean and green". It may well be "carbon free" energy, but it is NOT POLLUTION FREE. They have a major problem with storing the waste from them, which is highly toxic and a lethal threat to the health and well being of millions of people.

I have had a rant before, [comment above] about accurate and credible Intelligence held by the S.I.S.
I hope that you, C.C, are not too worried by a bit more "Whistle Blowing". Because there is a clear need to do just that, to protect life, in the future.

I don't know what kind of TREACHERY is going on with this government, but the S.I.S have on record, proven to be accurate Intelligence warnings, some of which have already saved many millions of lives. It states quite strongly in the Intelligence documents, that ALL forms of Nuclear, power and weapons, must be abolished, IF humanity is to SURVIVE INTO THE FUTURE. Nuclear poses as big a threat to the survival of this planet, and humanity, as global warming.

For some bizarre reason, Gordon Brown took it upon himself to disregard this clear Security Service Intelligence warning, and has gone ahead with plans for new Nuclear power stations, and a few years ago, also with Trident.

The God given warning was clear, that Nuclear is far too lethal and dangerous in the hands of human beings, and that if we do not abolish the use of it NOW, it will lead to our total destruction in the future. This is neither fantasy, nor a joke, nor a wind up.

9-11, Madrid, 7-7, 21-7, 22-7, Mumbai, Lahore, ALL happened and were foretold, warned about, along with a great deal more besides, in the Intelligence records held by the S.I.S. Codename - LAWRENCE - OPERATION BEELZEBUB - 1958 - 2009 -
Royal Protection Officer.

WHY has this government ignored proven to be accurate Intelligence warnings, given to PROTECT LIFE???
There is no excuse for such treachery by government.

What is the point in having an Intelligence and Security Service to protect the people, IF the government take no notice of the Intelligence warnings?

Minority Report Officer