Thursday, 16 April 2009


Erm, just looked at my hit counter and see that it has now passed 5000. How, who and finally why? I know that Inspectorgadget probably has 5000 hits a day if not more but I am actually a little confused by the number on my blog. Who is reading my dross? I have just checked with the hit counter I have and apparently they are all individual clicks, I tested it by refreshing my own page and the number didn't change.

Thanks to all and will get better with practice (I hope).


Anonymous said...

might want to look at sticking google analytics on, then you can see where people are coming from

Anonymous said...

Perhaps some people, like myself who don't have broadband, and are still on a pay as you surf access, log off once they have got onto your site, and log on again to leave comments, or to read other sections of your blog.

Not that I'm trying to burst your bubble about the number of visitors to your blog C.C, as most people probably do have broadband these days. People are probably reading and deciding to go "no comment"!

Anonymous said...

Why 5000 "hits"? Who is reading your "dross"? Answer, probably other cops, the media, civil servants, government, the public.

"Dross" Constable? That comment is either a sign of very low self esteem and a lack of confidence in yourself, and your writing, OR, a show of false modesty, or being very humble.

Dross it is not, young Constable. Dross means rubbish, nothing of any worth. Your post about the child who had been abused, "The Line Has Been Crossed" was not dross, nor the one titled "The People We Meet", plus numerous other posts. None of it is rubbish.
What you have to deal with on a day to day basis is the dross, not what you write about it. You really are confused Constable.
Who did that to you? How dare they!

And besides, the comments I have left on here are not "dross". So how dare you call MY writing "dross". Cheeky! ;0)

M.T.Minx [Ma'am to you, young Constable]

Constable said...


I apologise from the heart of my the bottom of my heart sorry.

By the way, not that young anymore!


Annette said...

Everyone reads your posts because they are so good.
I read it everyday, I may not always make comments because when you are talking about your work I don't always understand everything.
It's very interesting.

Constable said...


thank you, published an e-mail address on previous posts, please feel free to ask away on that if you too become confused.


Anonymous said...

C.C....I know. But no need to apologise really, even from the heart of your bottie, but thanks for that very kind thought. I shall cherish it.


Anonymous said...

There's lots of us lurking, with nothing in particular we want to comment on, but reading your stuff none-the-less.

Even the great Gadget probably got excited when he first hit 5000 - mighty oaks from little acorns grow :-)

Regards, Terri

Anonymous said...