Thursday, 23 April 2009

A future bank holiday?

No probably not. Despite today being St Georges day it will be another tradition frowned upon in our multi-cultural society. It used to be the stiff upper lip that didn't recognise it, these days it's the quivering sphincter of political correctness that prevents it.

Oh well never mind, just hope I don't upset anyone with this post, if I do there is a little red cross in the top right side of your screen. Click on it and it will seem like it never happened.



Vetnurse said...

:-)) l had to click on the red cross to see what happened, wonder how many others will hahahaha

PC Michael Pinkstone said...

Agree with the sentiment, but would say that whoever is "frowning upon" the tradition of St George's Day is most likely in the minority. Unfortunately for us, the minority seems to hold sway over everything.

So deep has political correctness permeated our culture, our mentality, our organisational behaviour, that it has taken on a life force of its own. It is, for me, one of the singular most destructive elements of modern Western society; of our freedoms, our sensibilities and our true national pride.

Somebody really did click on the red cross ...

Chris said...

Happy St George's Day.

And anyone who objects to the celebration of a man who is patron saint of England (and Portugal, Aragon, Ethiopia, Malta, Greece, Lithuania, Palestine *and* Georgia. Cheers wikipedia.) can - to be blunt - GTFO.

All the best Confused.

Vetnurse said...

Mike l had to click the cross it was like putting out a wet paint sign :-)

I never celebrate days just because unless forewarned l never know they are here and they are gone. In fact have just found out that for St. Georges day you are meant to wear a red rose in your buttonhole but that's men not sure about women.
I agree that people should be allowed to celebrate what is important to them but as you say the pc brigade don't agree, which as they are meant to be for free speech seems hypocritical to me.

I like the dragon story although do think the dragon should have been given the benefit of the doubt and allowed to try vegan food as opposed to virgin food.
It may well have been a mistake in his early teaching programme and he misheard the teacher.

A dialogue should have been started so that everything could have been discussed. The decision to stick a lance in him was taken without a proper consideration of the dragons rights and needs.

The DRRAC (Dragon Race Relations and Careers) organisation should have been appraised of the problems and allowed input.

There is also no mention of any health and safety being taken before fighting a dragon and hiding under magic trees.

On a saner note l like this site for the facts and have to say until now only knew the dragon story not the "real one". Was very interesting actually.

littlebob said...

You're discriminating against mac users who don't have a red cross in the top right.

It does have a Union Flag in its menu bar though.

Vetnurse said...

Duh l just read what Littlebob wrote and realised that l clicked on the red cross of St George on the LEFT hand side on the picture and got up the full picture and lost the blog writing.

I did not read the word "right" (till now) and just realised you meant close the browser window.

Oh boy l am going back to bed l should never have got up this morning, l just knew it was a mistake. Just as well l am not working to day l would be a liability.
mummble mutter groan

Noddy said...

I cannot understand why you folk south of the border cannot get a day off. We sort of do.

But then it appears that high heid yins at Whitehall are just on an economy drive. I'd call it discrimination!

Anonymous said...

I do like that photo and where the flag is positioned, just above the "V" of the tree, next to Churchill. Nice one! Very symbolic.
A very good omen for the future....
And yes, we should have a bank holiday to celebrate the Dragon Slayer and saviour of damsels in distress. Pesky dragons, who needs em!


Anonymous said...

C.C The potential for more political nonsense, from Big Brother, lurks in the most unexpected places, "investigating" all our thoughts, words and deeds, sneakily, craftily, often with soft and gentle words to deceive.

When people go fishing, they use "A Net".....

Perhaps we need to take on board the wise words of Winston Churchill and fight them....and NEVER SURRENDER. No white flags here mate!

Hawkeye Tribal Wife

staghounds said...

That's such an awful statue...